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  1. gryphonsmom

    Do any of your dragons do this too?

    Good day. My beardies will also act crazy before they poop, idk why but it's nice to have advanced warning when they're not in the cage... As long as the fecals come back ok then I wouldn't worry unless you notice a change in eating\basking habits. Other than that, this is normal. No worries!
  2. gryphonsmom

    stackable cages help

    Hi there! I'm looking to order three stackable cages with the light fixtures already included in the cages that have sliding front doors. I'm running into the issue where the cages are only 12 to 14 inches tall, and I'd like to give my beardie babies more head room. Does anyone have suggestions?
  3. gryphonsmom

    age, length and weight of your bearded dragon

    My beardies' stats are as follows: Gryphon: Age: 4 years ( on May 15th!!! :blob5: :blob8: ) Sex: Male Length: 23" STL Weight: 710 grams Boggart: Age: 3 1/2 years Sex: Male Length: 19" STL Weight: 390 grams Kirin: Age: 11 months Sex: Male Length: 16" Weight: 210 grams All three have...
  4. gryphonsmom

    Multiple dragons? NOTE: Not asking about housing!

    I have three boys and I have to keep them separate in every situation. You find time... At times it can be a little overwhelming like bath time and cage cleaning day, but you learn to rotate them. Sometimes i'll give one free roaming time in one area of the apartment while i get in snuggle time...
  5. gryphonsmom

    Spoiled Rotten Pets... Bearded Dragon Episode!!!!!!!!!

    I'm not sure what it says about me that I use tooth brushes to bathe my babies too... They also each have their own collars and leashes and Gryphon's big enough that he has clothes...I saw that the couple in NJ had 16 beardies... I have 3 and feel overrun! IDK how they do it. Then again all my...
  6. gryphonsmom

    Getting a little worried about his color

    Hi there! Glad to see you're so vigilant about his care! Yes, the yellow/orange is normal on his beard. He is going through what i refer to as "dragon puberty". His mood may change slightly during this time, and he may even be a little grumpy towards you. This is normal. The coloration you see...
  7. gryphonsmom

    HELP! Beardie off balance?

    I've been noticing recently that one of my adult males has been having issues. He's always had bad depth perception, tending to walk right off of things where my other dragons will stand at the edge and jump. While he's always had that problem, I have started noticing that when he goes to eat...
  8. gryphonsmom

    How big is your beardie?

    I have three dragons and they are each very different. Gryphon, my oldest, is a beefcake. I got him from Georgia Bearded Dragons at 2 1/2 months old. He is almost 4 years old, 23" and 810 grams. He reached his full length at 18 months. Boggart, my second oldest, is average size. He was...
  9. gryphonsmom

    miniature bearded dragon???

    I have a beardie that i have been raising since he was two days old. He was a rescue and i am one hundred percent positive of his hatch date. He's now six months old and is still only 11" long. I've been raising dragons for years so i know the issue is not nutrition or husbandry. He's fully...
  10. gryphonsmom

    5 month old rescue Greenville, sc

    Beautiful tiger striped 5 month old male. I rescued him when he was 2 days old. Needs a home!! Please pm me for pics. My computer is down so I'll have too email them to you off my smart phone.
  11. gryphonsmom

    gorgeous tiger striped 5 month old male

    Please help this little rescue find a forever home. He's such a sweetie! Pm me for pictures since my computer is down.
  12. gryphonsmom

    gorgeous tiger striped 5 month old male

    Still looking for a home for this little guy. My computer is down so pm me your number and i can send you pictures. He's 11" eating crickets,Phoenix worms, greens, squash, bell peppers, and the occasional serving of fruit such as raspberry, banana or cantaloupe. He's a gorgeous orange color with...
  13. gryphonsmom

    Two Beautiful 3 month old Dragons

    Yes we are still trying to find forever loving homes for these babies. They are just shy of 5 months. Both eating heartily on Phoenix worms, greens, squash, banana and the occasional laptop has died but if you want to pm me I'll send you pictures via text. Sorry for the inconvenience :(
  14. gryphonsmom

    Two Beautiful 3 month old Dragons

    Is there anyone out there that knows of anyone who would love one or both of these babies? I want to find them homes before they bond with me. I simply cannot have 8 ft of dragon in a 10x11 bedroom (I already have two adults). LOL.
  15. gryphonsmom

    Two Beautiful 3 month old Dragons

    Where are you located? We may be able to use the rescue train!
  16. gryphonsmom

    Two Beautiful 3 month old Dragons

    If you know of anyone who would give one or both of these precious babies a FOREVER home, please let me know! :)
  17. gryphonsmom

    Two Beautiful 3 month old Dragons

    Hi, I rescued two beautiful baby dragons 3 months ago. They are eating great on dusted crickets, Phoenix worms, greens and veggies and the occasional banana chunk. They are both about 8", shedding beautifully every 3 weeks or so. They get bathed in a cassarole dish 2-3x per week. CANNOT BE...
  18. gryphonsmom

    Do you guys think your beardie likes being stroked?

    I'll have to post a video of him doing it. It's precious
  19. gryphonsmom

    depressed dragon?

    I recently rescued two baby bearded dragons and have been caring for them as they are only days old. They're cage is in the same room as gryphon's and he can see me caring for them. Even though i have been paying just as much attention to him as usual he has stopped eating, even worms. He also...
  20. gryphonsmom

    3 day old hatchlings wont eat crickets or salad! What to do?

    I actually got them to eat three crickets each last night. They didn't eat live food today but they picked over their salads which consisted of minced mustard greens and kale mushed up mangos and pureed pumpkin. I have them sharing a 40gal breeder right now. There's a divider up in the middle...
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