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  1. RockHound

    3-4 Month old won't eat, runs for life.

    Poor baby looks critical. Has he been tested for parasites? Do you soak him to keep him hydrated? There may be something serious going on internally...
  2. RockHound

    whats up with her legs?

    Some people have reported complications with the PowerSun MVBs. Here's a thread on the topic: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=105629 I've never used PowerSun myself. I used MegaRay until the backorders got too bad and the quality tanked. Been over a year since I last ordered from them so things might be...
  3. RockHound

    Male beardie can't climb branch

    You managed to get meds in him but continue to fail to get food in him? Cool story bro, but the pieces just aren't adding up.
  4. RockHound

    What substrate should I get? Non stick shelf liner vs. Tile

    I sealed up my slate tiles with a water-based stone sealer and caulked them in. Will still be easy to replace, but till then, the moisture stays out of them so spot cleaning is a breeze, and the caulk is naturally non-porous. Used clear Lexel for general waterproofing. Really can't beat the look...
  5. RockHound

    Male beardie can't climb branch

    Oh yes, we should all bow to the infinite wisdom of a minimum wage pet shop man. Hah. You came here for advice. You got advice: take your dragon to the vet and have him diagnosed with something before pumping random medications in him. You don't even know what the problem is. Medication is...
  6. RockHound

    Could Someone Help Diagnose Shenron's Death?

    No one here can give you absolute closure. Can you afford to have a necropsy done by a reptile vet? That will tell for sure if he had cancer, or some internal hemorrhaging around the lungs, or something like that. Sounds like he was well taken care of and lived and long and happy life. Sounds...
  7. RockHound


    I just find it interesting that your other dragon isn't even in the ground yet, and you aren't taking him to the vet to even have a chance at getting better, and you're already looking to get another dragon. It's this sort of irresponsible behavior that irritates those of us on this forum...
  8. RockHound

    Bee Pollen Powder

    I'm giving it a try for a recovering rescue but honestly I don't know the substitution levels as a multivitamin. I've just been using it on different days and in tandem with pure CaCO3 and probiotic. I'd like to think it could replace a multivit given as it's hailed as the most complete food...
  9. RockHound


    You can't afford a vet for your sick dragon and yet you think someone here will sell or give you a silk back? Knowing that they can easily injure themselves, have more intensive care and are likely to incur even MORE veterinary costs? Don't think so..
  10. RockHound

    shoould i have used grout?

    I believe silicone is what emits the fumes. I try to go for low-silicone, water-based options. I used caulk to "grout" my tiles. Water based and made of acrylics and compounds similar to rubber adhesives. Should not have any volatile properties. Same stuff we use around the house when...
  11. RockHound

    dome light melted inside??

    A ceramic heat emitter? The kind that produces no light? You have to be very careful with those. They will melt many types of fixtures. Most fixtures made for reptiles will specifically state on the box if they are rated for use with a CHE. I know the mini deep domes are not. You also have to...
  12. RockHound

    coughing, gagging, and how to administer antibiotics

    I'd show this lovely little webpage to the stubborn family members: Do let us know what the vet said and what procedures he did, if any. Otherwise, we're just grasping at straws. Once you have a starting point, with what meds you are...
  13. RockHound

    Enclosure Setup? Advice!

    I use slate tiles. Comes in all sorts of colors so will work with many different themes. The slate in my Leo tank are a neat mix of grays, rusty reds and yellows. Basic water-based stone sealer ensures that they will be super easy to clean and maintain. One of mine has a large dendrite in it...
  14. RockHound

    shoould i have used grout?

    Caulk sets in about fifteen minutes, and is completely dry in about 24 hours. I let mine sit for two days to be safe with fumes and everything. It is kinda messy to apply, since the gun can be tricky to use. We used a couple wet rags to alternate cleaning it up. Caulk can be wiped up with a wet...
  15. RockHound

    How big of a Habitat to get?

    40 gallon breeder is fine. Many go with 4x2x2 for custom builds. That is about 120 gallons I think.
  16. RockHound

    shoould i have used grout?

    Grout is fine, but it is porous and will hold bacteria so you need to seal the grout. As an alternative, I used caulk between the tiles of my tank. It's already non-porous. I used slate tiles and a stone sealer on them so they won't hold any liquid either. Makes cleaning a breeze. Digging up...
  17. RockHound

    Beadie Went Rigor

    You put him in water too deep for him to stand? Bath water should only reach to about his shoulders. It probably made him think he was going to drown and his body went into shock. It has happened to a few others on here, and the beardies are usually fine after a while. Make sure he is dry and...
  18. RockHound

    Bearded Dragon with Yellow Fungus. Heres our story.

    Unfortunately, yellow fungus is a nasty thing to contend with. Have you seen little Yoshi's story? There's another member that continues the fight against it. Yellow fungus is very opportunistic. It will advance slowly in a healthy dragon, but it becomes systemic and eventually compromises the...
  19. RockHound

    Aggressive Beardie

    I'm dealing with some aggression issues with my beardie as well. I've noticed that taking a step back and working slowly with them really helps. Sounds like she's doing better and will probably come around. Try working with her shortly before lights out, when she won't be in an active mood. And...
  20. RockHound

    Lighting for Beardie ( First day with beardie )

    Sounds like you're on the right track. :) The only thing is, husbandry is more critical for young beardies than it is for adults. You'll want to get the Reptisun 10.0 as soon as possible. If your beardie will tolerate going outside, sitting in the sunlight for ~30 minutes a day would be great...
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