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  1. kevindeeley12

    18" vs 24"

    Fair enough.
  2. kevindeeley12

    Tiles for a floor?

    I agree with all the posts. Tile is the shizznit. Easy to clean, looks nice, impossible to digest, retains heat nicely, etc.
  3. kevindeeley12

    18" vs 24"

    If you have a 48"ish enclosure you should try getting a 48" bulb. That way no matter where the beardie is he/she will be getting the rays from it. For that size of a tank I wouldn't go lower than a 36" bulb though, unless you absolutely cannot get a 36" or 48" bulb and fixture.
  4. kevindeeley12

    ZooMed ReptiSun 10.0 compact Florecent safe for my Boomer?

    Since when BeardedNoob? I mean, crappy compact UV's such as the Exo-Terra ones will most likely harm their eyes but I doubt a brand that is known to put out the best UV lights (Zoomed ReptiSun's) will harm their eyes.
  5. kevindeeley12

    Help with setup

    My tank does have 2 hiding places, on the basking spot he has 2 corkscrew hangout spots that connect front and back and he can go underneath, or on the cold side in a cave I made, but really, I notice that beardie's barely hide, and if they need to cool down, they won't run to a hiding spot...
  6. kevindeeley12

    Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food

    1 year olds tend to usually be atleast 12 inches, ive heard of 1 year old beardies being around 16.
  7. kevindeeley12

    Viv pics only thread

    That is incredible, good job
  8. kevindeeley12

    New video caresheet - How to set up a B. Dubia colony

    Haha no problem man.
  9. kevindeeley12

    New video caresheet - How to set up a B. Dubia colony

    I'm diggin it man, I'm diggin it :P. Cool video, good information, definately something to watch for beginner Roacher's.
  10. kevindeeley12

    50-100 Crix per day.!?!? $$$ :0 $$$

    Roaches are definately a good choice, just takes a while to establish a colony. And while they are establishing, you will most likely still need crickets, so ya buy bulk from a trusted cricket farm and you will save some money, and i now have a full grown adult bearded dragon and never once did...
  11. kevindeeley12

    so any tricks?

    i agree with docile.
  12. kevindeeley12

    **Mega Ray Issues** / Megaray RECALL

    Don't go with exo-terra bulbs, get a ZooMed Repti-Sun 10.0. Trust me.
  13. kevindeeley12

    **Mega Ray Issues** / Megaray RECALL

    MegaRay's are not deadly, and are far from it. You may not be happy with it for certain reasons, I used one, but am now using a Repti-sun, I noticed better things with the Repti-Sun, but I used the megaray for atleast 5 months and my beardie did not get sick or something
  14. kevindeeley12

    so any tricks?

    i guess ur out of luck
  15. kevindeeley12

    Question for those of you breeding roaches

    I keep them in the house, you can keep them in the garage if it is warm enough. I would keep them in a Tote/storage bin from walmart, and is not see through. I would use a Ceramic Heat Emitter on the top of the lid (Cut a hole in the lid and put some screen down for the lamp to sit on). Fill the...
  16. kevindeeley12

    New Camera, *more* New Pictures (Extremely Pic Heavy)

    Not a problem dude, keep it up.
  17. kevindeeley12

    New Camera, *more* New Pictures (Extremely Pic Heavy)

    Wow, sick pics. The dogs looked great, so did the BD, and omg that Lotus is nice. Is that your car, or someone you just took some pictures for? What kind of Camera is that?
  18. kevindeeley12

    Petition for petsmart and pet co!!!

    I agree, some petstores are down right dumb. Where I live, PetSmart and PetLand are the ONLY places that actually know how to take care of reptiles, everywhere else doesn't (A1 Aquariums, Pat's Pets, Cow Town, etc).
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