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    ruben0311's Legacy Uploads

  2. ruben0311

    Do they like being pet?

    Fred doesn't actively seek out contact however being relaxed with their human might be considered being "happy", although i just see it as being comfortable. I think its all subjective anyho
  3. ruben0311

    Hand-feeding - Question

    I no longer hand feed Fred, he tore a small piece off my finger... tongs and only tongs now haha.
  4. ruben0311

    Tail rot?

    Nothing wrong with having a stumpy, just need to make sure it doesnt spread or become serious, id take him in.
  5. ruben0311

    Is this normal!?

    Cool, as he probably just likes that spot then, just check your temps routinely and ensure the UVB is set at an appropriate distance. as long as he is eating and is active he looks like a normal weird beardie.
  6. ruben0311

    Tail rot?

    yes, you will want the vet to see if the damage is any further up the tail. Where did you get the little guy from? most places will exchange with a healthy animal if you just got him.
  7. ruben0311

    Is this normal!?

    does he ususally hang out at that spot? is there a heat source we are not seeing?
  8. ruben0311

    Is this normal!?

    if he is walking just fine then yes, completely normal, the straight leg (aka sexy leg) is a normal thing they do, you'll find they love to freak you out with the way they lay down.
  9. ruben0311

    Cleaning tile and "cave"

    for the tile you can bake at 450 for 30 mins, for the cave it depends on what the material is however if you have any kind of steam cleaner that'll get the job done without having to bake.
  10. ruben0311


    you can use a toothbrush, lets you work around the curves and bits
  11. ruben0311

    Which substrate would you use and why?

    I have 1/2 of viv with slate tile, 1/4 with red brick, acting as a barrier, then last 1/4 playsand and river rocks. tile is easy to dissenfect, brick gives good climbing and heat retention, and sand lets him relax and dig when he wants. with a smaller section of sand it's easier to clean out and...
  12. ruben0311


    A reminder... dont hand feed insects to full grown beardies... use tongs, ouch... Fred got a bit too excited and lunged after a roach that i had on my finger. i was moving to put it on the floor for him to attack but he decided to do a pre-emptive strike on it. almost ripped my finger tip off!
  13. ruben0311

    Tank Questions

    depending on the amount of room you have you should just go with the larger tank, they grow up pretty fast. if your hell bent on getting him early though just get the 20 long and he'll be ok for a few months. keep a good eye out for tank deals while you have him though, that way you can snatch...
  14. ruben0311

    Size of Dubia roaches?

    Fred has eaten full sized adults for a while now, since he was bout 12 inches. his bite has massive power and he cuts them clean in half with two bites (actually almost took my fingertip off yesterday haha) it comes down to how your individual beardie eats. Fred has always chewed up his food...
  15. ruben0311

    Mixed substrate?

    I mostly use slate tile on 1/2 of the tank, 1/4 of it is regular red bricks and the last 1/4 is a section of play sand and river rocks and slate rock mixed in. Fred is usually on the brick versus the sand but i keep it in there just for a change in floor texture and to let him relax his joints...
  16. ruben0311

    Best veggies for beardie salad

    Fred will only eat Dandelions at the moment, i've tried pretty much everything else but i guess he just being stubborn at the moment... find what your beardie likes and try and have that the large part of the meal, mixed in with various other items, then slowly try and reduce the amount of the...
  17. ruben0311

    Slate tile & heat

    so something is not really making sense to me... without changing the bulb or distance of the bulb, the temperatures should have stayed relatively the same... you stated you had an elevated basking area before and so that in itself should have been very hot if you are now getting 120's at a...
  18. ruben0311

    Stabilizing sand

    the issue you will have is cleaning... if there is a particularly messy poop it will leak down into the sand and, because it will be darker and probably warmer, it will harbor more bacteria than you would really want. how much space are you looking to fill in? if you get the tiles cut to the...
  19. ruben0311

    Tail rot?

    To me that looks like a normal tail, if you manipulate it it should still bend and be "squishy", be gentle. Fred was nipped when he was a baby and so grew up with the end of his tail (.5 inch) which had a sort of pinch on it. This past week it finally fell off however prior to it coming off it...
  20. ruben0311

    Hot side Temps

    As far as loading pictures, if you look on the right hand side the upload manager link is listed under the Other Fun Stuff heading. afterwards you would just link the photos onto the message using a button (XIMG) located along the top of the input screen (along with Bold, Italics, Quote etc...)...
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