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    Then and Now: Show me the colors!

    I tried looking for a thread on this and couldn't find anything. I'm trying to pick out a baby, but I'm having a really hard time visualizing what they are going to look like as adults. I'm just looking to see if you guys have any before and after pics from when your beardie was a baby to now...
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    Rugby's Offical Thread!!!(New Pics 11/3)

    I've been watching this thread since the beginning and I've just got to say, you have such a cute dragon! And since no one else said anything, I'll let you know how freakin' adorable that puppy is too!! Did that tail finish shedding yet?
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    west palm beach florida ?anybody

    I will be going to that show and have a hook-up for dubias if anyone in the area needs some. Just PM me =)
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    Florida Reptile and Alternative Pet Supershow - Sept 19!

    Anyone want to carpool from around the Gainesville area? Or even Ocala or something?
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    Mini-Reptile Room

    Yep, it showed up this time. Very cool setup! :headbang: Rockin'
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    Mini-Reptile Room

    I want to see the pics, this sounds awesome! I'm trying to work out something similar in my own home right now.
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    My superworm breeding kit Pic Heavy!

    I tried to use that divided thingy for my superworms and a surprising amount died. I had a lot more success using individual little portion cups (similar to this ) and I had a LOT higher...
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    Reptile Rescue Train

    Hey, I'd like to help out! I live in Flint, MI, and work in Waterford. I love to drive and I'd love to help.
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