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    Went to PETCO and was horrified

    If I see an animal in a horrible situation I feel it is my responsibility to change it. Either speak to the person who is in charge of its care, speak to the owner, or/and report it to the Humane Society. Some people need to be educated and get a heads up on what needs to be done.
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    Getting New Beardie, in for a challenge

    I look forward to seeing more pictures of little Paprika and some of her new enclosure. It sounds like she is thoroughly enjoying :D her new life with you. How many beardies do you own now?
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    olive catching some rays 7/12

    Olive seems to enjoy being outside getting some rays. What screen cage do you have him in when he's sunning outdoors?
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    Is it healthy?

    My leatherback is a great eater. He loves to eat his dark green lettuce, etc. in the late afternoon. I think he'd eat 3 dozen crickets a day if I gave him that many. To satisfy his appetite, I have been giving him "Nature Zone ready to eat BITES for bearded dragons" that my breeder...
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    Super Worms

    Hi, I have a leatherback that is 14 1/2" long. He's a good eater and eats a lot of everything. Is he big enough now that I could begin to give him Super Worms to eat?
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    Update on Hugo

    I love his colors. He'll be a great dragon for you. Keep us updated with pictures.
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    Zuri,Cleo and Kovu ♥ Updated 8/3/12

    I love how the colors are coming out on your beardies. I'm glad you're having a better experience with your second Kovu then you had with your first Kovu from Petsmart.
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    He's Here!

    Kovu is a beauty and looks very healthy, plus he's a good eater!! You are going to really enjoy him. I look forward to seeing more pictures of him and Zuri as they are growing up. Kovu is a real keeper. Now that he's here safely, you're going to get a good nights sleep tonight!!
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    A third subtopic to consider might be how bearded dragons used to be just a normal color. Then show a picture of a normal colored bearded dragon. Continue, using pictures to show the various colors and types, including leatherbacks, silkbacks etc. They'll be amazed at the variety of choices...
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    Zuri,Cleo and Kovu ♥ Updated 8/3/12

    What beautiful colors at such a young age. I can only imagine how colorful Zuri will be as an adult!!
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    Is this about average?

    I just bought a little male beardie from a breeder online. He is 7", 12 grams and hatched 0ct. 21. His parents are both 18" long. Does he seem like he is about average or is he going to be bigger than 18" when full grown? Do babies have different growth spurts as they are maturing into...
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    Pumpkin, Yenko & Hot Rod (UPDATED 4/21/12)

    These picture are great of your dragons. The colors are bright, and the beardies are so clear and sharp. What camera are you using and what setting do you have it on?
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    How do you secure your 40 gal. breeder tank?

    I want to buy a 40 gallon breeder tank in preparation for the beardie I plan on getting. I called several large pet shops and they have no screen that will fit the top of a 40 gal. breeder tank. I want to know what you all use on your 40 gallon breeder tanks to cover the top. I hope I can buy...
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    Long time site surfer, finally have my own beardie!!!

    Because of his pretty yellow coloring, you might consider calling him Yolko. From which breeder did you get him, and how many inches long is he? He is adorable!
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    Pumpkin, Yenko & Hot Rod (UPDATED 4/21/12)

    Is the beardie in the last 2 pictures, Yenko? Is he a leatherback? I love his coloring, too.
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    Pumpkin, Yenko & Hot Rod (UPDATED 4/21/12)

    Your tanks look great and so do your beautiful beardies. What material do you use on the bottom of the tank? It looks like some kind of a woven straw type mat. Is it easy to clean, and where did you get it?
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    Bearded Dragon Confusion

    How do you carry Mimi with you? Do you just hold her in your arms or is she in some sort of a carrier?
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    Bearded Dragon Confusion

    How did you get inside Walmart with your beardie? They are really strict about pets in their store. I take my 4 lb. toy poodle with me all the time; but I keep her hidden in my purse. Both ends of my purse have mesh inserts so she can look out and no one can see her. I'd like to know how you...
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    My pancake went into brumation. ;u;

    I wanted to know how you made your brumation box.
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    Ozzy's first christmas! Video included

    I want to get a beardie so it can decorate my tree!
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