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    Does this mealworm feeder thing work?

    I've never had a Leo tail drop on me. Matter of fact i'm sitting here trying to tame one down. Right now lol. In my experience you really have to be rough with them. For them to drop.
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    possible brumation?

    If I understand right you only have 1 bulb in there besides your uvb? If that's so you should throw some more bulbs in there. In my 40 I have 2 as a minimum. 3 if its cold inside my house . .... 100 watt 75 watt and the 3ed is a 25 for as needed. For mine that Maintains a good basking spot and...
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    Does this mealworm feeder thing work?

    Yea they work but only if your worms are moving about in it. I have one in my Leo viv to spice things up for her
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    Possible Brumation

    Sounds like brumation to me! The not eating much will cause the not poooing much :D you lizard is about the right age to go down for it's first one.
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    Help with my new dragon

    In my experience coil bulbs just don't do the trick for reptiles that need high amounts of uv. Also something else to consider is that is a pretty large viv for such a small lizard. In one of your pics it looks your beardie is vary far away from the lights. They need uv even if they are not...
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    Beardie has diarrhea, not eating

    something else to consider is if he has be having a improper diet then all the sudden a diet change is introduced even to a good diet change can cause digestive issues. kind of like changing dog food brands causes temporary g.i. issues with dogs in many cases. This could be playing part with...
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    What other reptile is safe to house within the same space?

    I recently got to see the result of a breadie / leo gecko co habitation :roll: .....It was a vary empty viv except one fat smiling old beardie basking to digest his roommates.
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    Vary aggressive after burmation

    That's what I was thinking but thought I would get some input. He is 5.5 years and has not got all horny and crazy before lol. The little a $$*(e bite my foot. He's lucky I don't put him in the refrigerator to cool down all that horny lol
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    Vary aggressive after burmation

    anybody have a male who is super aggressive after burmation? Ra woke up hungry and laid back like he has in years past but 3 days after waking up this year he went from laid back to mad as he'll doing all the aggressive behavior to the point I had to use leather gloves to handle him to keep him...
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    just be slow and gentle with him if he is already use to being handled.
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    Question about brumation

    When males come up from brumation you'll notice a higher activity level that's because after brumation is when it's the natural time to mate. however males will try all year far as lighting I turn all my lights off after he goes down. I do leave a low wattage light going on the timer...
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    Terrified of my Dragon! (Seriously)

    Dingodog has given some good advise. I've been keeping reptiles for a good while now and have learned a lot about them. one of the things I've learned is if you handle reptiles mainly lizards, sooner or later your going to get bit and scratched. Every lizard I have right now has bit me at one...
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    Brumating question...

    I keep putting out greens completely stop eating. However he comes out every 7 to 10 days for a snack so if i see him stirring around i put some out then I'll give about a 20 minute soak as well. I also leave a basking light on turned down low if he wants to bask which he does from time to time...
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    back to back burmation

    Glad to hear someone else is experience this to.
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    back to back burmation

    Needing some input from some of the other more experienced reptile keepers on this one so please if you have had a reptile 6 months and want to jump in on this with what's you temps and substrate questions please refrain. My set up is fine. Heres the deal my male beardie at around 1 year of age...
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    signs of shedding

    Before shed the place that is shedding will become lighter in color. Some beardies will have change in behavior others won't. The bulging is stretching the skin around the eyes. This happens before shedding. If he is inactive it could be something its wrong in your viv. Temps,uv etc I
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    Loss of appetite, infrequent pooping

    The behavior you are describing is how mine acts before he's starts going down for burmation. mine only poops once maybe twice in a 2 week period but when he does or looks like a dinosaur let loose in there . He's been like that sense he was a juvie. Some dragons don't go all The time some do
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    I don't think I need any more reptiles

    I've been lucky and not had to deal with it. I did notice a incomplete shed on Ra's tail but was able to get it off with a couple of baths and a tooth brush lol
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    Can my beardi possibly be brumating now?!?! im kinda worried

    I see. Myself I'm not gonna have a fecal done before burmation if my lizard is not showing signs of parasites....but to each his own
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    Can my beardi possibly be brumating now?!?! im kinda worried

    I'm wondering why you would have a fecal done? Other than the normal check up.
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