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  1. Badwolfe

    Sick Bearded Dragon

    Glad top here things are still improving Chris. The fact he is starting to eat again is a very good sign
  2. Badwolfe

    Just adopted this dude

    Yeah sorry I did lol. I mistook the pics as yours :)
  3. Badwolfe

    Spending time on the cool side and can’t figure out why

    You can't really go wrong with the DHP's. I love them because they are none light emitting, and they produce much higher levels of IR-B than the incandescent equivalents. This means that the spectrums they produce penetrate much deeper into your reptile and therefore are more effective at...
  4. Badwolfe

    Still settling in or something else?

    Temps both day and night sound perfect as does your humidity. Only thing I would change is up his lighting cycle to 13 hours a day. so 8am - 9pm. As was said above your lizard is going through relocation stress and is also due to shed. Shedding often causes a temporary change in behaviour...
  5. Badwolfe

    Thats good news. Does he also have access to a UV light tube as well?

    Thats good news. Does he also have access to a UV light tube as well?
  6. Badwolfe

    Enclosure Setup Fields

    You've covered most of the basics in your intial post. I would add a field for how long they have their daylight cycle set to and if they supplement heat overnight. Also agree with listing their supplement regime because its an important one. A lot of people don't realise that a multi-vitamin /...
  7. Badwolfe

    Just adopted this dude

    Your lighting set up is perfectly fine. Plenty of places to thermo-regulate and absorb UV
  8. Badwolfe

    Help please! Does anyone know what this is?

    yep def female. Thats the oddest prolapse I've ever seen because they definitely looked like hemipenes :)
  9. Badwolfe

    Is my beardie overweight?

    Perfectly fine and within the weight range for what is considered average for that age.
  10. Badwolfe

    Help please! Does anyone know what this is?

    Are you sure your Beardie is female because they sure do look like hemipenes :)
  11. Badwolfe

    Bearded dragon super aggressive

    Could we please stop making every post on here an issue about UV lighting please. This is obviously a behavioural question and UV lighting plays little part in this. This is a friendly forum but people are being put on the defensive by passive aggressive comments demanding people discuss their...
  12. Badwolfe

    1yr old beardie just laid first infertile egg

    its possible she may have only produced one but keep a careful eye on her. She may produce more now
  13. Badwolfe

    Sick Bearded Dragon

    Glad to read there have been improvements in him Chris I was actually wondering how he was this morning. Hopefully this is the start of continued improvement for him
  14. Badwolfe


    Burnzey it all comes down to the personality of your Beardy and patience. Eventually they come to associate you with food arriving so that helps the taming process. Start off by just getting your hands in the viv often. If she allows you to pick her up then do it in the tank but dont remove her...
  15. Badwolfe

    Does my bearded dragon seem healthy?

    Hi Unfortunately putting your Beardie in the window is not going to give your dragon the UVB light requirements he needs. Modern glass actually filters out a large portion of UV light. You really need to make it a priority to obtain a proper UV light for your pet as urgently as you possible...
  16. Badwolfe

    1yr old beardie just laid first infertile egg

    childrens play sand would be the best and can normally be obtained from numerous sources. Avoid calci-sand if possible because dragons have been known to ingest it.
  17. Badwolfe

    Diarrhea and eating less

    yes. The problem with a low vivarium is that an internal uvb significantly restricts the height of any decor inside the tank that is under the UV - even with a T8 bulb. You always have to maintain that height of 8" from bulb to your dragon as any closure can result in over exposure for them...
  18. Badwolfe

    Just adopted this dude

    In answer to your digging box question what you suggested would be fine for him. Beardies absolutely love to dig given the opportunity as its what they do in their native environment for both shelter, egg laying and even obtaining moisture. You will have to spray it down occasionally so that it...
  19. Badwolfe

    suddenly really dark

    As long as the temps are still stable in her viv its probably just down to her starting her shed. They often darken as they do it. Just keep an eye on her over the next couple of days to monitor her behaviour. You may find she'll get a bit more lethargic or want to hide more but this is not...
  20. Badwolfe

    1yr old beardie just laid first infertile egg

    just mix some good quality topsoil with some sand and a bit of clay if you can get some. You want it moist enough to clump up and hold a shape when you squeeze a ball in your hand but not wet that it leaks water. Get a plastic box with a lid and cut an access hole in the side of it. Put this in...
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