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  1. morgan6123

    Damaged scales?

    I noticed today when I got home from work that a couple of scales on my beardy’s back look whitish and possibly damaged. I’m guessing he scrapped his back on something. Should I be concerned and is there anything I should do for him? I added pics below!
  2. morgan6123

    Beardy scared of me

    So I’ve had Goku since mid august. He’s about 5 1/2 months old. He was always fine with people coming in and out of the room and going up to his enclosure. But recently for the last month or so, he runs into his hide every time he sees somebody, unless he knows it’s time to eat. Some days he...
  3. morgan6123

    Beardie poop

    My bearded dragons poop has like a mucous brownish coating over it. He seems to be fine and healthy but i just wanted to know if this was normal??
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