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    Bearded doing worse after vet visit

    My bearded dragon went to the vet this morning after not eating and seeming kinda off. The vet did a blood test, smear test, and an x-ray. He said my guy was VERY anemic (his words were "his blood looks like koolaid"), had a bacterial infection, and there is a circular swollen region near his...
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    Not eating but basking all day

    Hi! My 2 yr old beardie went off food mid-September. Before that he'd go for his veggies and dubia within minutes after I put the bowl down. Since he's an adult and it's getting colder where I am, I figured he may be starting to brumate. Got a fecal test done 2 weeks ago and he's all clear...
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    Dragon runs through poop while I'm at work

    My little rescue has fully recovered from pinworms and now he has healthy poops very regularly around the same time everyday. The only problem is he poops around 11am while I'm at work. I have paper towels down but he gets post-poop zoomies and runs through the poop and gets it everywhere. (I...
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