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    Enclosure question

    Hello everyone! I am looking for some suggestions in regards to lighting on my girls cage. So she is currently in a 4x2x2 wooden custom enclosure. She is on tile substrate. I currently have an Arcadia t5 36" fixture with a 14% bulb in (I know ill be changing to a 12 % bulb next month). As for...
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    How many bsfl is to many?!?!

    My girl recently was fed way to many bsfl by accident. I’m estimating 100-150. I’m super concerned with possible hypocalcemia. This has never happened before! She didn’t have any calcium dustings since the days prior to this but did have about 10 bsfl about 2 days prior. She has already pooped...
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    what’s in her belly? *post surgery*

    Hello everyone!! I had a post a few weeks back “What’s in her belly?” With an X-ray of my girls belly. At the time we were told she was likely eggbound. Well her surgery was today it went really well considering doc was in there almost 2.5 hours. He removed a large mass in addition to a...
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    What’s in her belly?

    So my vet seems to think she has become egg bound and is recommending surgery. She’s not got much of an appetite won’t eat any greens and sleeps nearly all day. I’m just hoping that there are some experts here who could provide some advice and insight. TIA
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    Surgery for my Beardie

    Hello everyone!! This is my girl Snow. We got her in February from our vet tech who needed to revoke her since she wasno longer able to spend time with her like she wanted to. Well said she was in good health and seemed to be doing great until the last month or so. She hasn’t really been wanting...
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