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    Hanging light cord

    Could I use a hanging light cord for a ceramic heat emitter? I’d like to get one to raise the temps on my cool side a bit but I can’t fit another dome unless I drill a bigger hole in the top. Would something like this work or is it dangerous to have in there...
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    Could this be a burn? My bearded dragon had a dark patch on his head for a while and now some scales fell off and it’s just skin. I added a hat to his enclosure about week ago for him to hide in if he wanted but sometimes he climbs on top, does it look like he’s to close to his basking light? (I...
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    Red skin

    What’s happening to my guy? He was shedding on his face and it’s been darker there for a few weeks and now it looks almost like a scale fell off or something? He’s been gaping a lot tonight too, I don’t know if that’s relevant or not but I’m worried :(
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    Black spots by nose

    My bearded dragon is shedding part of his face right now, and where the shedding fell off there’s some black spots/scales now. Does anyone know what this is?
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    Really weird behavior

    I don’t know what my beardie’s doing, he was kind of twisting his head up and around and opening his mouth really wide and now he’s just dragging himself on the ground. I figure the dragging might be him trying to shed but I don’t know? He also had his beard out while he was twisting his head...
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    Tail rot

    His tail is a lot darker than the rest of him, is this tail rot?
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    Boy or girl

    From what I've read I'm guessing he's a boy? I can try to get better pictures if I need to.
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    Enclosure too big for baby?

    My new baby beardie hasn’t been eating very well so I called the place I got him from and they said that his enclosure is too big. I had read that an enclosure couldn’t be too big, was this wrong? I can’t attach a picture for some reason but his enclosure is 42x20x30. He said the number one...
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    Good white basking bulb?

    So today I got a new basking bulb because my last one was yellow and I found out yellow bulbs aren’t good for them, but turns out this one gives off a yellow light too. It’s a halogen flood light so I thought it’d be fine. I guess I need a bulb with a high kelvin but I can’t seem to find...
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    Yellow light bad?

    Someone told me a yellow basking bulb is bad for bearded dragons and they should have a bright white light instead, is that true? It’s not specifically yellow just like a normal incandescent flood light that has a yellow/orange-ish light.
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    UVB too close

    So I’ve been told my UVB is too close to my beardie. I have a T5 10.0 mounted inside the enclosure and it is 11 inches from his basking platform, and about nine or less inches from a log on it depending on where he goes. So my question is should I get a T5 5.0 instead? I thought about removing...
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