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  1. fcooper

    Swollen and bleeding toes

    Definitely vet, it could also be an infection which you wouldn't want to risk spreading.
  2. fcooper

    red splotch? blood?

    Is there any under tank heat source? A rock or a mat?
  3. fcooper

    Lethargic Lizard

    MVBs send out too narrow a field of light. You want your UVB covering two-thirds of the enclosure for bearded dragons, not just hitting in one concentrated area.
  4. fcooper

    Hind Legs partial paralysis

    Can you give pictures?
  5. fcooper

    Tail rot?

    Doesn't seem to be tail rot, and seems to be about to shed. Give her a Chamomile soak (the one used for brewing and drinking is fine). Be sure the tail staus under the surface. Same thing may be done using olive oil, there is a lot of cosmetics that use olive oil for skin care, they should be...
  6. fcooper

    Help! Large bump in male's belly!

    Is he pooping and acting normal?
  7. fcooper

    Upper Respiratory Infection

    I haven't gone through this personally but I have friends who have. The good news is all of the beardies I know of who got proper vet treatment and antibiotics went on to make a full recovery! Left untreated RI can certainly be fatal, but the prognosis is good for beardies who are being treated...
  8. fcooper

    Pinched Beardie's Tail

    Keep it clean. Dapping iodine with a q-tip every day will help. Don’t panic, these things happen all the time.
  9. fcooper

    Beware of vets giving enemas to your dragon

    I've seen as many dragons get sick or even die from an inexperienced vet pumping meds. in to a dragon or giving an enema, antibiotics, etc when there were simple solutions that long-time owners would know how to handle.
  10. fcooper

    Dried flower recommendations

    Hibiscus can be eaten by them. I think zoo med makes dry flower packs for turtles
  11. fcooper

    What to do when we run out of insects?

    There is pretty much no replacement to live insects, dead ones do not work.
  12. fcooper

    Should I feed this size or that?

    Be careful with feeding exclusively dubias. There has been a notable increase in the number of beardies, including juveniles, developing gout. Gout is the build up of uric acid in the joints that causes them to swell , is very painful and can render a dragon almost immobile and eventually can...
  13. fcooper

    My new 14 month dragon won't touch veggies

    My baby was super picky at first, but after a week or so I found that she loves carrots, butternut squash, celery, and kale. Make sure you're cutting the vegetables as small as possible (if you think you finally cut it small enough, cut those pieces in half as well). I also spritz her veggies...
  14. fcooper

    One year old low appetite

    Usually if they lose weight during brumation it can mean illness or parasites. I'm not super well versed in MVBs (I opt for long UVB coverage) but when was the last time it was changed? Any bulbs in general need to be replaced regularly even if they still produce light because they'll stop...
  15. fcooper


    What is the temperature of his basking spot? What are you feeding him? How long are his baths? What is your UVB light?
  16. fcooper

    Inflamed patch on beardie's head

    Mine has got them on his head and he’s 1 year old
  17. fcooper

    BD unresponsive in a deep sleep every night?

    Its normal. I have two beardies (male and female) and they both get really white at night when they're sleeping. I have also noticed that in the dark they never wake up even if you move them around. Sometimes after having them out all day i take them back to their cage and my room is all dark so...
  18. fcooper

    Diarrhea with no parasites?

    For instance, a young bearded dragon requires a basking area temperature of between 95°F to 110°F, with a cooler region of around 80°F to 90°F. Often low habitat temperatures coincide with loss of appetite.
  19. fcooper

    new baby bearded dragon

    The biggest danger for this little one is dehydration, so I'll give you a first aid measure to take. Buy some unflavored Pedialyte (yes, the kind for human infants). Prepare a shallow bath consisting of 1/2 water and 1/2 Pedilayte. Soak your beardie for about 20 to 30 minutes at least twice a...
  20. fcooper

    Disinfection after parasites?

    Whenever I deep clean the tank I take all the accessories out and put them in the bathtub to soak in a mix of hot water and vinegar. I use Clorox cleanup spray to wipe down the empty tank, and wait for the smell to completely dissipate before reassembling the cage. Repticarpet mat can be spot...
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