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    Anyone raise hornies and humingbird moths?

    Hi, guys. I recently got a couple of containers of hornworms to feed Janeway, the last three from the first container started doing their little cult circle dance around the bottom with their veins pulsing, so I knew from prior research it was time for them to pupate and I have one of those...
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    Sitting Beardie

    Hi guys, I have kind of appeared and disappeared on here a couple of times, it's just always been hard for me to stick with any "social media." I'm actually surprised Instagram held onto me. I don't know if anyone recognizes my name from my last pop ups, but Janeway is still alive and bratty...
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    Diseased hornworms???

    Hi, guys. If any of ya'll remember me, I'm sorry I haven't been on in almost a year. I think about this place now and then, I've just always had a hard time making myself keep on top of forums and social media. Janeway and I are doing alright, it's just been a lot goin' on. I am working again...
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    Dem Legs

    Post your sexy leg pictures! When I first stumbled onto this forum a couple days ago, one of the threads I found through clicking lots of related threads was one where people were posting pics of their beardies doing sexy legs. I didn't have a pic of Janeway doing it, but caught her doing it...
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    Grumpy Janeway

    Hello! I stumbled upon this forum accidentally trying to figure out if it was okay for me to put a quartz crystal in her habitat. (I still don't have an answer if someone would like to give it to me. Willing to wash, not willing to bleach. Not only will it damage the crystal physically, but...
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