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    Dragon won’t open her eye!

    Hi, this is midnight! she is 4 years old & recently in the last 5 days (waiting for vet to call back) she has left her one eye closed she will open it rarely but for the majority of the day she keeps it shut. a little background history of her health: She went to the vet 3 months ago and was...
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    beardies front arm is limp & not using it to walk

    Hi, i already have a vet appointment set up but am very worried . When I woke up yesterday I noticed that my bearded dragon was not using her right arm when walking she was lifting it . She did fall out of her hammock and so I thought maybe it was broken and instantly called the vet. But my...
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    can i put my lights on a metal lid?

    so my new tank has a metal lid i upgraded my bearded dragons tank from a 20 - a 40 gal & the 20 gal was not metal. i’m just concerned that either the basking bulb will be too hot to place on the metal lid or it will cause less uvb to go into my beardies tank . i have a reptisun 10.0 t5 bulb & a...
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    Is my beardie a boy or girl?

    The pet store told me that she was a girl but I’m not sure if that’s true anymore after all they are a pet store. Can you guys tell if it is a boy or a girl? I can’t because I’m a new beardie owner ty. I can post more pictures if needed it was hard to get a clear one
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    brown scale new

    hi so I’m a new beardie owner so I’m a bit anxious & usually dramatic when I think something can be wrong with my baby ? . But when I put my beardie to sleep it didn’t have anything on its mouth but when I turned on it’s lights today I noticed a tiney brown patch? (Like one or two scales) & I...
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