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    Weird yellow look on my bearded dragon?

    I posted some photos on my bearded dragon group I follow on Facebook and someone said that their bearded dragon started showing yellow spots like mine and it was Yellow fungus ☹️ I hope not because I live in a small town in Ohio and I don’t know anyone else who is familiar to Bearded dragons and...
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    Should my bearded dragons be separated?

    Never ever put beardies in a enclosure together because Bearded dragons are very territorial and They see other dragons as a threat if they were babies when you first got them and were put together then back then they probably thought it was normal but Now they are either trying to mate or they...
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    Weird yellow look on my bearded dragon?

    Can someone tell me what this is I went to the Vet already and my vet things he rubbed his chin on a bowl or something but I’m just looking for another opinion just in case and the vet also said he’s in the process of getting ready to shed
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