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    Question about Canada immigration with pet reptiles

    Background: I am planning to move to Canada with all my pet reptiles in total of 7. I knew about the CITES stuff but want to know what exact document is essential. As I asked an experienced friend who got help from an agency and it costs high for each reptile to process the professional...
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    Half shed STUCK in beardies's nose

    My beardie scratched a bit of his nose shed out so I wanted to pull the rest out, but the shed broke into half and left inside. He feels itchy and will shake his head and use his leg to scratch his hose. Actually, the shed is in good condition that it is supposed to be moistured enough to come...
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    HELP!! Black beard sleeping + High blood sugar

    My boy sleep with black beard for 2 days. Attached with his situation in the past month. Background: He is currently near the end of 5th respiratory infection treatment, the X-ray shot at 13th April shows he is healed but still has two injection to go. He got CT last December and confirmed as...
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