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    Bearded dragon not eating and less active

    So I posted something about this not long ago about my cousins bearded dragon and I am currently watching over HER while they are on vacation. She is not eating at all and she is not that active overall. I shoved some food into her mouth so she could eat something and I was trying to give her a...
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    Dragon not eating and sleeping earlier

    So my cousin has a bearded dragon which he got in May on the 26th of this year and I don't know the age but he got him when he was little so I'm guessing he's around 7 months old maybe? Maybe a big older but my cousin said he hasn't been eating, he's not very active and that he's been going to...
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    Bearded dragon ate a piece of hair

    So I went to check on my bearded dragon who was in his cage and I noticed a strand of hair hanging out of his mouth so I went to try and pull it out but I was too scared to so I got my mom to do it and she got a lot out but she said it might have ripped but a little bit was still in his mouth so...
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    Is this tail rot?

    Hi, I got my bearded dragon almost 2 months ago now and I just realized his tail is slightly black, I am not sure if he had this before when I got him but when I looked at some photos of him, it looks like he might have had it but the pictures didn't really show his tail so I am not sure. I am...
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