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  1. J

    she's going crazy!

    I bred my male and female dragons last Wednesday and Thursday and since Friday the female has been acting crazy. Been doing alot of glass dancing wanting out of her tank and she's not eating alot. She's ate around 4-5 roaches and that's it. Could she be developing eggs?
  2. J

    what kinda female dragon do I have?

    I bought her at PetsMart about 2 years ago and she was labeled as a Fancy Bearded Dragon. I bred her to a citrus sandfire male this past Wednesday and Thursday. Just needing to know what morph she could be. Thanks!
  3. J

    would this be the cause?

    Would developing eggs cause a female dragon to stop eating? She bred with the male for the past 2 days and she's back in her own tank now. She ate good yesterday but today she's not eating like she was. Could developing eggs cause her to stop eating?
  4. J

    tanks too close?

    I have a male and a female beardie and I have their tanks side by side with a piece of cardboard between them to keep the beardies from seeing each other. The male is about a year old and the female is around a year and a half. She keeps going to the side that his tank is on and scratching at...
  5. J

    would this be ok to feed to my roaches?

    Thought about taking some fish and dehydrating it on my dehydrator and then grinding it in a grinder. Would that be safe for my roaches to eat? I know fish is high in protein.
  6. J

    can dubias eat this?

    Was wondering if I could go out in the yard and get them some clover to put in their bins? It will be pesticide free or free from any other chemicals.
  7. J

    my dubia colonies...

    just setup 2 dubia colonies, have 50 females and 20 males in the dark blue bin along with around 600 medium dubias and 1000 small dubia, have around 100 babies (came from the big colony), 23 females, and 6 males in the gray bin. The bigger colony has put out around 400 babies so far and I've had...
  8. J

    how long?

    Just got my dubia colony setup today with 36 females, 10 males, and about 250 nymphs. They are starting to eat so that's a good sign! Just wondering will they start breeding possibly tonight or does it take awhile for them to destress?
  9. J

    Awesome video of my baby male beardie waving! Just happen to see him waving and caught it on camera!
  10. J

    my baby has hit 6 inches!

    Got Scrooge about a month ago from BBD and he was 4 1/2 inches long. Now he has hit 6 inches!
  11. J

    is cane ok to use?

    would it be beardie safe to make tank decor out of?
  12. J

    my new 75 gallon setup!

    just waiting on my UVB bulb to arrive Friday so I went ahead and put my female in her new roomy tank! I put my baby male in the 40 gallon breeder tank. Waiting on a piece of the ZooMed jumbo cork bark flat to come in any min now for the big tank. LMK what you guys think! btw the water bottle...
  13. J

    is this gonna be too close to my dragon?

    working on my 75 gallon beardie tank and just got done hanging the UV fluorescent light fixture inside the tank. My question is, is it gonna be too close to the dragon? Do I need to take some more links out of the chain to make it hang higher? I haven't measured it but it's about 6 inches from...
  14. J

    will this work?

    I have the green zilla carpet in my tanks and wanting to take some tan spray paint and spray paint them tan to look like the desert. If I did this would it be ok for my beardies or would it kill them?
  15. J

    need help with my 75 gallon setup

    just got this huge 75 gallon tank and got my reticarpet in it. I am wanting it to look really nice and need help selecting the right decor for it. Any ideas?
  16. J

    do female beardies do this?

    Just saw my female beardie humping her basking log. Not sure if she's old enough to mate. Bought her at PetsMart back in Feb and she was 6 inches long. Just thought it was very odd to see a female do such a thing.
  17. J

    is this about right?

    my 7 month old dragon is now 12 inches long. Is that about right for a 7 month old beardie?
  18. J

    and she says "no, your not getting my greens!"

    I thought that was funny!
  19. J

    can they tell when another beardie is around?

    I have a 6 month old female and about a 2 week old male in the same room. The female is acting crazy, like she knows he is around. Can they tell when another beardie is in the same room? Or even smell each other? They are both in separate tanks.
  20. J

    will this screen cover work?

    my 75 gallon tank measures 48.5 inches across and 18.5 inches width. The only mesh screen I can find says it fits a tank 48x18. I am assuming that won't fit my tank, right?
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