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  1. AndyT

    Need the best staple worms

    He's not quite 16 inches yet, I think he's small for his age. I will try superworms in a few months after he's bigger (hopefully). Thanks, nair! I have tried breeding Dubias but unfortunately the male died on me. Hopefully, one of the larger nymphs will be a male so it can breed with the female...
  2. AndyT

    Need the best staple worms

    Thanks, but I've already tried those, he likes them and I know they're good for him, but they go very fast and are small. I was thinking of something a little larger that would also be nutritious.
  3. AndyT

    Need the best staple worms

    People reading may or may not remember me, but I used to post here a lot but I stopped for a while because of some family issues. Now my dragon, still no name, is a good bit larger and I need a good staple feeder to order for him because its becoming a pain to get him so many crickets. I was...
  4. AndyT

    Uvb Light Question???

    He will be fine without UVB for a week. You can take him out in the sun for half an hour a day if you still want him to get it.
  5. AndyT

    Distance from ReptiSun 10.0?????

    Yep, as long as the beardie uses the basking spot, 8-10- inches should be sufficient. I have the same problem with my fixture, so I put a bridge and hammock in the tank so he can get within 6 inches of the light.
  6. AndyT

    Distance from ReptiSun 10.0?????

  7. AndyT

    Distance from ReptiSun 10.0?????

    It says that, but only minimal rays, if any, actually make it that far, so that would be no good.
  8. AndyT

    How much UVB fo rmy juvie beardie?

  9. AndyT

    Hey new here guys

    As said above, you should have done research first. A snake kit is absolutely no good for a dragon. The substrate, lights, and everything else are way off. Read up on some care sheets on this site, read the forums, and answer the questions given.
  10. AndyT

    Its a boy! (I think)

    Diane- Yep, he's eating 40 plus daily. He also loves his dubias, but they're going to be a treat until the colony decides to grow. And you are right, he is shedding his body, head, and tail. I can't wait until his body sheds, because I think that his orange links on his back are going to come...
  11. AndyT

    New Viv Set Up For Beardie Let Me Know What ye Think???

    Sorry but your substrate is wrong. You need to put down paper towels, repti carpet, tiles, or non stick shelf liner. What type of light is that?
  12. AndyT

    My male bearded dragon laid eggs??

    Yeah it sounds like you have a female that laid infertile eggs. Breeders can sometimes be wrong, especially if the dragon was sexed at a young age. Though if it is male, I have no idea whats going on.
  13. AndyT

    fully grown??

    Same here.
  14. AndyT

    Nature Zone Liquid Color

    A color morph is the colors that a dragon was bred to have. Like chris allen red, or citrus. You need to buy from a breeder to get a certain color morph. Its not a product.
  15. AndyT

    Basking Bulb

    Yep, a 50 watt should do the trick. Make sure to mess around with the temps and make sure they're right before putting anything in, though. No idea about an angled fixture. Yes, same side as the basking and just turn it on whenever the basking turns off. Andy
  16. AndyT

    Hello! My zoo with PICS

  17. AndyT

    who thinks they have the BIGGEST dragon?! :D

    Slightly less than 6 months, this makes him all the more impressive. :D
  18. AndyT

    Hello! My zoo with PICS

    What an awesome group you have there! I hope to someday have a zoo such as yours lol. Its so great that you take in and help all those animals. Beautiful colors on larry and ginger. I love ferrets, and whites treefrogs are the only frog I like, and I love basilisks! Is zeus a basilisk...
  19. AndyT

    Basking Bulb

    The basking bulb does NOT need to produce UVB, it is just best to have a real light for basking. The basking bulb should be producing the heat, so what do you mean by "in addition to the heat"? Yep, its the wattage, not the amount of light. Any bulb should put out sufficient light. Halogen is a...
  20. AndyT

    who thinks they have the BIGGEST dragon?! :D

    What? 6 months? Wow, she must be on the miss piggy diet lol. Amazing how quick these guys can grow.
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