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    Questions on feeding?

    I have only cared for one young bearded dragon, but my experience with crickets was that they die a lot, and they smell a lot. I gave them egg crates, water, and food, and cleaned them out daily from any dead ones, but they still smelled and died. I now feed him roach nymphs, meal worms, and...
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    Questions about what I need for my bearded dragon

    I personally use the Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulb which came with the Zilla Deluxe Bearded Dragon habitat. If the bearded dragon can see the light from it, he doesn't mind it because the second the lights go out and infrared comes on the beardie walks to his sleeping corner, digs a...
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    Questions about what I need for my bearded dragon

    1) A popular flooring, and one that I use, is tiles. You can get vinyl, ceramic, or slate tiles, and ideally cut them to fit inside a glass tank. It's best to get one with some texture so that the bearded dragon doesn't just slide all over. Tiles are extremely easy to clean which is very...
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    New Hide and Basking Spot Completed!

    It looks great! Approximately how long does it take to add grout?
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    How often should I clean my tank?

    I don't know about avoiding parasites, but I clean the tank with a bleach solution once a month including all the items in the tank. The feces are removed from the tile I have down on a daily basis. The water bowl is cleaned maybe once every 3 days; it is filled daily though I have never seen...
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    Lining paper

    I tried putting it on the outside once and the bearded dragon would constantly attempt to get at the evil twin that resides in the reflection. After taping it to the inside he is now calm. Once I tried just putting a piece about 4" high on the side where he does the glass dance, but from his...
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    Where'd you get your Dubia colony???

    My crickets died constantly. And smelled horrible. Just worth noting if you plan to buy 1000 of those smelly little guys.
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    Where'd you get your Dubia colony???

    If you pay $1/dozen and have 2 beardies, each eating ~15-20 a day, you're spending $75 a month already. It seems cheap while you're doing it, a few dollars here or there for crickets, but it adds up really fast. When I was feeding mine crickets I'd end up with like 20-50% of them dying as well...
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    Where'd you get your Dubia colony???

    What are you feeding your beardies right now? And how much do they cost?
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    Where'd you get your Dubia colony???

    It's probably a waste of time/money to go that route for building a colony, since you'll need to be feeding your bearded dragons something while you wait. Better to spend a little bit more (~$30) up front and start feeding in one month rather than six. *EDIT* Even if you are n a tight budget...
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    What to do with too-large Dubia

    I put my unwanted insects in a plastic ziploc, sprinkle in some diatomaceous earth, then toss it in the trash. I don't want them crawling through the bag or my garbage bag, and I don't like the idea of putting cockroaches in my freezer.
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    Where'd you get your Dubia colony???

    The cheapest place I've seen is DubiDeli, though I have not purchased from them. I bought mine from a local reptile show :mrgreen:
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    3 types of tile.. which to use?

    To offer a different opinion: I am currently using natural slate. These tiles are really heavy and awkward to clean because they have tons of little crevices. Additionally, I have no way to cut them. I plan to redo the flooring for the bearded dragon and have textured vinyl tiles stuck to a...
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    I'd be worried doing that that the cardboard would bend as I lift it out, or that I'd knock the light cardboard and worms would go flying. You could just buy 2 boxes, then use a box cutter to cut the box to be shorter and fit the size of your cups. Then just stack the one box on top of the other.
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    fireproof material,like a rag?

    If you are using a tube heater like the one pictured below, most (all?) of those need to be submerged in water or they will crack. You can buy a heating pad/mat from Amazon or eBay for $7-12. Also, unless your rag is made of fiberglass then it is actually the opposite of fireproof.
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    What UVB Bulb to Use?

    I paid $22 for my under-cabinet fixture! I should have checked Walmart first.
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    reviews on Zilla® Deluxe XL Bearded Dragon Housing Kit

    I have the Zilla Deluxe kit (not XL). The Thermometer/Hydrometer never worked. It comes with bedding which I gave to my roaches to nest in and bought natural slate tiles for the enclosure instead (~$4 at Menards). The kit comes with a CFL UVB bulb. I do not know if the Zilla CFL bulbs have ever...
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    Dubia Roach Help

    As WoolyMarmot mentioned, you are wasting a lot of money on electricity if you use a bulb. It is costing you $3.80/month if you want to run a 60 watt bulb in Louisiana, or $6.48 if it is a 100 watt bulb. A 14 watt heat mat costs only $7 to purchase on eBay. It costs $0.90/month to run it at...
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    Tiny bugs in Dubia Bin

    Does anyone know if Dermestid beetles will control/prevent mites? Or perhaps springtails?
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    DIY Resource Cage Cleaning Wipes

    Do you use 50% vinegar 50% water?
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