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  1. Laura123

    Possible obstruction???

    will do! thanks, I forgot about olive oi!
  2. Laura123

    Possible obstruction???

    My beardie's stool has changed. He use to go about every other day and go a ton, but now he is just having a very small stool with more liquid in it than usuall and yesterday it looked slightly bloody. The last 2 he has had seem to have a stringy mucus thing to them too... its not a worm, but...
  3. Laura123

    How many people use freeze-dried food?

    I just purchased Healthy Herp Dragon Food. It has a mix of freeze-dried dandelion greens, clover tops, corn carrots green beens leeks zucchini, grass hopper.....etc.. The directions call for it to be mixed with water. Does anyone use this stuff? A co-worker and fellow beardie mom says that is...
  4. Laura123


    My beardie doesnt like bath time. He is ok, for about the first 5min then he claws the sides of the tub trying to climb out.
  5. Laura123

    Elliot and London! (Lots of pictures!)

    nice pics! cute babies
  6. Laura123

    training to be tame

    I got a leash thinking that I could put it on my beardie and let him out and wander so far on the leash..... BAD idea.... he struggled against the leash and kept making it tighter on him and started freaking out. Havent used the leash yet. I have to say I am not very good and letting him out...
  7. Laura123

    To STEAM or Not to STEAM????

    How many of you beardie lovers use steam cleaners to clean their viv's? I have been thinking of getting a steam cleaner to use. I normally use a bleach solution (and rinse well a couple of times) but it is a pain in the but! So, the steamers out there, what type of steam cleaner do you use...
  8. Laura123

    Need bathing and handling advice! please......

    My beardie is about 9m old. He had a very rough start. Had trich and eating issues and calcium deficiencies, which led to seizures. I took all the necessary steps to correct the problems and nurse him back to health. However, because he was so sick for so long he was not handled much. He...
  9. Laura123

    Some Dubia Questions

    Do you attach the cable to the bin??? With what and where at on the bin? The bottom or side?
  10. Laura123

    Some Dubia Questions

    wow... thanks for the pic! I am struggling with my roaches. One, I was using a small undertank heater and it made a burn mark on my linoleum floor. Two, they are not reproducing very much. I have had them since march. I dont think my temps are high enough and maybe not enough humidity. I...
  11. Laura123

    How many pheonix worms can I feed my beardie?

    He will eat about 50 lg worms at one time.... He is 5m and about 8 or 9in long. Is that too many for him?
  12. Laura123

    baby and greens

    My Drake was about 4 month when he finally started to eat his greens. But I must say I usually have to hand feed them to him. Some times I can lead him to the plate and he wil it a few bites. He only eats a very small amount each day.... like 4 or 5 bites.
  13. Laura123

    Poop question....

    My 5m old beardie goes once to twice aday. But recently I noticed that once in a while he will have clear liquid puddle with the stool and urate. Is that normal?
  14. Laura123

    Petco carries Calci Worms!

    They are the same as "phoenix worms." They are both hermetia illucens. I cant wait til I can buy them locally!
  15. Laura123

    Woohooo... finally eating some greens!

    Drake finally will eat some greens. I usually have to lead him to the plate with a sample on feeer tongs. He will take a few bites, but a little is a start!
  16. Laura123

    Leftover BIG crickets

  17. Laura123

    Loose dubia roach

    thanks! It probably helps too that my house is kept at 68degrees.
  18. Laura123

    Loose dubia roach

    in my kitchen. Last night I came across a rogue dubia on the kitchen floor. Now I am way freaked that my house will become infested with roaches. Does anyone else worry about this? He must have gotten loose when I was feeding my dragon. Is it possible to have a dubia roach infestation?
  19. Laura123

    The dubias keep

    ok... so I have starting using my little ceramic dish... It seems to work pretty good. Only one escape so far. I found that the little critters got under the tile I had in there too.
  20. Laura123

    The dubias keep

    Thank you for the good ideas! I am trying the ceramic fdg dish. I just dont want wasted food under the liner
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