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  1. Denduran87

    Just a profile of Fred

    nice pic!
  2. Denduran87

    pork chops new colors

    he's gonna be a handsome adult!
  3. Denduran87

    just a few dragons i hatched out

    nice colors and some wild looking silkies.
  4. Denduran87

    Cricket problems

    most beardies wont eat dead bugs, i guess you could try getting one of the food dishes that shake so they appear live. The monitor thing doesn't kill them by anymeans but sound right? if they are poisoned ofcourse you wouldn't want to feed them to your beardie.
  5. Denduran87


    they wont grow back but shouldn't effect there life style.
  6. Denduran87

    HELP can you tell the sex of my dragons please? male female
  7. Denduran87

    Thunder storms

    just pet her and try to reassure with gentle words.
  8. Denduran87

    what to feed.

    phoenix is best dubias can be cheapest with a going colony!
  9. Denduran87

    True dwarfism?

    that is wild!
  10. Denduran87

    Vivs updated. Take a look!

    nice i like your dubia set up too!
  11. Denduran87

    New Beardie!!!!

    congrats can't wait to see pics of it!
  12. Denduran87

    Coconut Fiber as Substrate?

    yea there have been a few people on here who used it and got eye infections in there beardies.
  13. Denduran87

    Just got roaches today and Booger loves them..

    yea my Draco really loved them too. It's amazing how he won't chase crickets unless they are right infront of him but he will run down some dubias
  14. Denduran87

    New from Wisconsin

    welcome to the forums and i'm sure spike will like his home when you get done!
  15. Denduran87

    Enhance the color of your dragons

    Nothing really you could always put more lighting in there like led's or something to give extra light.
  16. Denduran87

    Gutloading crickets and mealworms and waxworms

    meal worms often kill dragons from impaction!
  17. Denduran87

    Blaze ate a moth..

    yea you should not let them go freeze them and throw them away if you don't want to feed them off.
  18. Denduran87

    Baby food for baby dragons

    Not as well as a feeder!
  19. Denduran87

    Smelly/Runny Fecal

    Your safest plan of action is getting a fecal test from a vet to determine the issue.
  20. Denduran87

    Helios the almighty sun god

    wow i thought silkies looked sickly but he looks pretty cool.
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