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  1. Dopestar23

    Very busy - When can I feed my beardie? (Don't have one yet)

    Hi, I am a very busy person. Before I get a Bearded dragon, I want to know if it would be viable for me to get one. I work from 6 the morning till 5PM at night. I really want to get a beardie, but I don't want to leave it home alone the whole time. My mom is staying home most days, but I don't...
  2. Dopestar23

    Swelling at Base of tail.

    Thanks all for the help. Will be taking care of it, probably only take him to vet this weekend... Also saw on another post that I could try soaking him in sugar water. Will try to keep you guys posted. Again thanks for the help. Wouldn't have known what this was until to late...
  3. Dopestar23

    Swelling at Base of tail.

    Here are the pictures. Hope they provide some insight.
  4. Dopestar23

    Swelling at Base of tail.

    I feed him mealworms, both regular and giants. The swelling looks to external. His butt really looks puffy and if you touch it, some poop comes trickly out. I will try and get some pics tonight, but I am at work right now. As for the light, I plan on replacing it, as soon as I can get to the...
  5. Dopestar23

    Swelling at Base of tail.

    Just to be clear the swelling is soft, and is sensitive to the touch.
  6. Dopestar23

    Swelling at Base of tail.

    He's on carpet, so there isn't much chance of him eating sand and such. I do on occasion take him outside, but he never eats anything he's not suppose to. I am also feeding him calcium, and his light is a Retiglow 10.0. I know the light can be harsh, but where I am it's the only light I can...
  7. Dopestar23

    Swelling at Base of tail.

    Hi, My beardie just woke up from a very long brumation cycle and last night I noticed, that there is a lot of swelling at the base of his tail, i.e. where he poops from. I have no idea what this is, and it seems to be affecting his bowels, because he quite involuntarily pooped some very running...
  8. Dopestar23

    Hello! I have some questions!

    It'll be really hard for anyone to tell you what the age is of your new found master, through the description you gave us, but I believe that your beardie is full-grown. When you say your beardie eats a lot, does that mean, over one feeding session or are those stats from several? There is also...
  9. Dopestar23

    New poster, new beardie :)

    Spinach is a definate no-no! Never feed your babies spinach because it can stop your beardies from absorbing the calcium they need. Also the temps seem a little high to me, but that might be because I come from a warm climate. If your beardy doesn't seem to spend a lot of time on the cold side...
  10. Dopestar23

    Baby Bug & Cajun *new addition!

    Lol. Once i found my Thorn in a similar position, only he had his entire head resting in the bowl, instead of hanging outside. In the beginning (a couple of years ago now), my baby was just as nervous about going outside, but the fear soon subsides and now I can't stop him from running outside...
  11. Dopestar23

    My new babies!

    Those are some beautiful little fellas. It may be to early to tell, but do you know what sexes they are? And how about Tone-Tone as the second one's name?
  12. Dopestar23

    Baby Bug & Cajun *new addition!

    Those are some pretty spectacular colours! I love the pictures where bug is sitting on the bath towl. My master ussually doesn't think to much of bathing... Only when he's been sleeping for weeks does he want anything to do with water! Love the pictures and I hope you make each other very happy!
  13. Dopestar23

    Beardie Set up, Miscellaneous Questions

    If I were you I would go for the last name. And I'd also finish that book you were writing. As for the setup I generally accept that a cage should be (sorry I don't work with inches) 1meter lenght by 50cm high and the depth being a little more than the height, because you want your beardie to be...
  14. Dopestar23


    My little one just finished brumating. I'm also a resident in RSA so the brumation season has according to me, already started. Give it time, and just make sure that there's some place where he can go hide if he want to.
  15. Dopestar23

    Won't really eat!

    Thanks for all of the listings, but I think that it is just him trying to brumate, and I keep waking him up. I just read a bunch of info on the signs of brumation and most, if not all of behaviour he's been showing match up to what I was reading. He's been avoiding the sun and trying to keep to...
  16. Dopestar23

    Won't really eat!

    He has been eating this eratically way before I changed the UVB which was yesterday. That's why I'm worried. And it might be brumation here in South AFrica. Don't really know when it starts or when it ends. He hasn't lost any weight yet. He's 600g and around 47cm long. If anything, I think he...
  17. Dopestar23

    Won't really eat!

    Also... Is it possible that after eating so much he is in brumation? He does sleep a lot. And he has been looking rather plump for quite some time.
  18. Dopestar23

    Won't really eat!

    I've had my little one for about a year now, he's probably over a year old already and recently he started refusing to eat very mush of anything. It started a couple of months ago, when he started refusing to eat crickets anymore, then it was cockroaches and now he pretty much only eats 5...
  19. Dopestar23

    getting new beardie wednesday

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Dragons Please remeber to sign your soul over to your dragon on arrival! KIDDING! Hope she's everything you ever dreamed of!
  20. Dopestar23

    Introducing a couple of babes!

    Who was Maggie so angry at? She looks like she could kill
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