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  1. squirell

    superworm problem

    From what I recall the space between the eyes rule only applys for dragons under 16 inches. Once they hit 16 inches their digestive track straightens out so less risk of impaction
  2. squirell

    Introducing Beardie to Dog - Need advice

    I just moved and brought Mushu face to face with my uncles dog. Both handled it well. My uncles dog actually gave Mushu a little lick right on the tip of his nose. HAHA. Mushu didnt puff up or stick his beard out at him. Hopefully they will be fine together and will never be alone together...
  3. squirell

    were does your beardie sleep?

    Mine passes out wherever he currently is when his lights go out....
  4. squirell

    Not Eating

    I have'n't tried to feed him today yet. Im at work until 2pm so will try after i get home. Probably not gonna eat a whole lot the next few weeks though. Im moving so im expecting some relocation stress. Hopefully he gets through it quickly. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  5. squirell

    Not Eating

    Well go figure. The day I post my concerns he decides to eat. I bought a bag of 18 crickets thinking he wasn't going to eat many. He demolished them! Wish I would have boughten more now... Will ahve to see if he will eat some supers now.
  6. squirell

    Not Eating

    Hey all! My beardie barely eats since waking up from brumation last month. Every now and then he will nibble on his salad or eat a few crickets here and there but nothing like he did before brumation. I have not noticed any weight loss or decline in energy. Still alert and active. I know...
  7. squirell

    What a little pooper

    So Saturday I wake up and Mushu is actually awake and basking. Ok sweet... Of course the GF is like you know he will be trying to sleep by the time we get back. So we run to Petco anyway to get him some crickets just in case and stop by Chipotle, get home and the little pooper is snuggled...
  8. squirell

    LOL Beardies - The Official Thread

    At work so no programs to do the special captions but enjoy. Are you just gonna take pictures or help me??? I dont see that salad crawling.... What is that??? That must be why I sleep all winter....
  9. squirell

    Fearless Beardie...

    He might also just know your there to save the day! lol
  10. squirell


    Cover him up and he will be out in seconds. I always get a stare from mine if the lights are on or he isnt covered up. Does he have his nose buried in a corner? Thats usually what mine does if he is trying to sleep and the lights are on.
  11. squirell

    colors vs price

    I got mine from Rio Reptiles. Very good place to get a dragon. Comes with hatch certificate with a picture of both parents, bloodlines, length, and weight.
  12. squirell

    20+ inches of snow

    That is rough. I was shocked that they closed school in MPLS and St. Paul for 2 days. Last time I got a snow day was elementery school. Atleast by the city (I took my own snow days lol)
  13. squirell

    20+ inches of snow

    That is rough. I was shocked that they closed school in MPLS and St. Paul for 2 days. Last time I got a snow day was elementery school. Atleast by the city (I took my own snow days lol)
  14. squirell

    20+ inches of snow

    One of my friends has been staying in Bonita Springs the last few months and rubs the weather in our faces all the time lol. Yea it looks pretty but it is a hassel when 17+ inches falls over a 2 day period. Its nice when it is streched out a bit lol
  15. squirell

    20+ inches of snow

  16. squirell

    20+ inches of snow

    Yea we got hammered last weekend here in "Minnesnowta" he stared out that window for more then 2 hours.
  17. squirell

    20+ inches of snow

  18. squirell

    Really sleepy and rarely eats....

    Read the brumation post in health and see how well that matches up with what your beardie is doing. Most likely brumation. My little guy is just over 8 mo and he has been out for 4 days now.
  19. squirell

    just hanging out?

    I get the stink eye if there is any type of light that he can see and might be keeping him up. Even when I go into the room to grab something he makes a point of waking up and glaring at me.
  20. squirell

    Has not pooped in almost a week

    Well came home from work to a little present from him. So thats a good thing. He still didnt want to eat yesterday so I put a folded up towel in his cage just in case he decided he wanted to sleep for a day or two. I will keep everyone posted on him. Thanks for the help.
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