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  1. sunkist

    A move and an upset beardie

    Sooo a little update on me. I've moved towards the Raleigh area. I've been able to find homes for all but one of my dragons. The last little dragon - Jilly has been renamed Paco and has been given to my family photographer. She's loving him. Anyway, I moved last week and Fargo made the...
  2. sunkist

    Help for a friend's gecko

    Soo my bf's son has a leopard gecko who in my opinion does not look good. I only know about bearded dragon care so it's hard for me to help too much. He has an UTH for one side and an overhead light but it's a tube light so I don't think there's any heat there. I'm going to get a digital...
  3. sunkist

    Just need some clarification....on Superworms

    Supers of course vary by the dragon. When my kiddos were that age they age about 10 in the morning and 10 at night for a while. Then they started to slow down. The important thing is they eat their salads before their proteins to ensure they aren't filling up on just protein. If there is...
  4. sunkist

    Ruben Miso & Billy! RIP Ruben

    Ohhhh Holly - I missed soo much. I just read up on Ruben and your dad. I'm literally crying at your loss. I don't have any words for you other than I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sending you much love and hugs from soo far away. Just know you and yours are very very loved.
  5. sunkist

    Bliggy and Timmy(comic strip)New One 8/31

    Hey ..... Bliggy's not the bad guy here... no one TOLD or MADE Timmy eat those chocolates. He needs to take ownership for getting sick. Bliggy was innocent in this comic strip. :twisted:
  6. sunkist

    Dewey's Thread: Updated: 9/6/12 He's Very Sick

    Great pics... one thing you will find with phoenix worms is they are in constant shed because they grow a lot. My Jilly from Feb until May of last year was literally shedding just about every week. It drove me bonkers but in a good way. :)
  7. sunkist

    Kazi - RIP my special Wee monkey.

    That is a REALLY COOL xray!
  8. sunkist

    Phineas, Bob, and Chloe *Breaking News*

    Agreed about pissing them off in the tub. If I just left my boys in the tub, they'd never poop. However if I piss them off and make the swim away from me over and over again - sure enough I get a poop so that I will leave them alone. :twisted:
  9. sunkist

    The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

    I think Bliggy needs a bigger box for his scale - he's kinda outgrown it. Thank you for taking time to share pics of your monster.
  10. sunkist

    Kazi - RIP my special Wee monkey.

    He looks pretty good to me - of course that could be saying mine don't look good. :( Could his tail be getting ready to shed? Does it ever go back to 'normal'?
  11. sunkist

    The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

    it's 3:07 EST
  12. sunkist

    Bye, bye brumation! Pg 81 funny story and vid's.

    Great pics... all of mine are officially 'up' right now for at least a while.
  13. sunkist

    The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

    Rut ro... that's a great smiley though.
  14. sunkist

    The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

    And Dawn... you just lit the fire for them to snowball you. :D
  15. sunkist

    Phineas, Bob, and Chloe *Breaking News*

    I love how he was eyeing you going "mommy... really?? I'm not at my best here"
  16. sunkist

    Ruben Miso & Billy! RIP Ruben

    I was just thinking about her this morning wishing i had her on facebook. :(
  17. sunkist

    rescued this little girl(UPDATE on JANUARY 11)

    It's nice to see a rescue with a good belly on her. You might want to put slate in her tank - it will automatically file her nails as she walks. 3 out of 4 of mine have it and I have no problem with those 3 scratching me.
  18. sunkist

    The "Bligg" Arrival ... New Pics(pg112)

    Poor Dawn.... I hope Bliggy gives you a big ole stinky poop in the morning.
  19. sunkist

    Someone snuck in last night and switched my beardies!!!

    Sooo everyone has been running a bit slow recently - not really eating, a lot of sleeping, etc etc. I got everyone up for their baths today and got poops from everyone. While they were in the bath, I had Fargo out with me and the new shipment of superworms showed up. Well I teased them all...
  20. sunkist

    I need to fatten MJ up quick... what's the best?

    I've found a great site for supers... If you order first thing in the morning you get them the next day. I just got 500 supers for $19. I use them every time I need more worms.
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