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  1. morphmom

    My Mylo. (Pic Heavy)

    Hi all! :D BIG thanks to all for keeping this thread alive! l'll be updating tomorrow with new pics. Liz is slowly working me outta my rut (bless her) so many personal and stressful changes have kept me away but I feel ready to come back one step at a time. *Big squish!* ~Holly
  2. morphmom

    Lion King Themed Enclosure! Finally FINISHED!!!!

    Whoa! This is looking great! :D It's a hard theme to pull off and you get all the credit in the world taking this from an idea to reality. Well done! Can't wait to see the finished project 8)
  3. morphmom

    My Mylo. (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks Deb. Thanks Lindz. :D The truth, is that I'm still shooting for a harvest theme. It's just very,very hard! :o I have a craft show to go to and if the price is right, I'll pick Mylo up a real dried pumpkin for his warm hide. And go from there. I'm also trying to find tiny dried "Indian...
  4. morphmom

    Tales of Fred the adventurer! - Updates 4/25/14

    Consider this training for the future! :P :lol:
  5. morphmom

    My Mylo. (Pic Heavy)

    LMAO!!! :laughhard: :lol: :laughhard: I'll get him a poster of a girl gecko and a little race car bed! :P
  6. morphmom

    My Mylo. (Pic Heavy)

    He does! So strange. Myah just loved them. Guess that's the difference between a boy and a girl! :P
  7. morphmom

    My Mylo. (Pic Heavy)

    Mylo: "You changez my home, I killz da bear!" :twisted: :lol: My poor bug a boo is still awake! :o I woke him around noon today and he still hasn't gone back to bed! He normally wakes up around 9:30-10:00pm! Aw, I hope he eats tonight. Bad mama :(
  8. morphmom

    Mera & Bowser, new pictures.

    Bwhahaha!!! :laughhard: Oh, Mr. Tuff guy eh'? I'm predicting many a giggle from this one! :P
  9. morphmom

    My Mylo. (Pic Heavy)

    I think you're right. He's only 9 & 1/2 months! :shock: :lol: Everything I make looks HUGE but I'd rather he have enough room. Once I figure out how big he'll be, I'll adjust :wink:
  10. morphmom

    Jace, Zy, Sorin, Ava, Nissa, & Koth -->Update 12-18 w/ Pics

    Messes: Myah The bed x 2 The sofa x 1 Mylo No where but the tile and hammock in his viv! :D Annie Bath x 1 Carpet x 1 (she scooted here bum during a change and yes she meant to do it! :shock: :laughhard: ) -I don't remember reading about things like this in care articles or baby books...
  11. morphmom

    Re: Batman, Flash, Vraska, family! More faves from Disney!

    -I have always been in awe over reptiles. I don't understand not wanting to interact with them either. We get to hold, cuddle, and truly love tiny "dinosaurs" -I parted with Myah because she wasn't getting the attention she deserved and now I marvel at how Mylo interacts with me. This tiny...
  12. morphmom

    Dragon and friends pic thread

    Poor sleepy Vash. :sleepy2: Brumation again...*sigh* feels like he just came out of it and now he's right back to it. Sweet dreams old boy :wink:
  13. morphmom

    Finn, Venus and Jupiter: New beardie baby!

    Whoa! :shock: I almost past by this thread because you changed the title! :lol: So glad Finn is growing! :D You're finally getting a break with your babes! Except the shedding... Finn: "Why's you makes me itch mama..?" :lol: Oh I can't wait for him to start stomping! :laughhard:
  14. morphmom

    Jace, Zy, Sorin, Ava, Nissa, & Koth -->Update 12-18 w/ Pics

    LOL! :lol: Nope, not a witch. A mom. :wink: You don't take the diaper off your kiddo and say have at er'! You slap on the Huggies and say, Not on my rug! LOL! :lol: She'll learn one of these days. Mylo has yet to mess where he shouldn't. Knock on wood. Maybe life is cutting me a break after...
  15. morphmom

    Jace, Zy, Sorin, Ava, Nissa, & Koth -->Update 12-18 w/ Pics

    Um...Yes! :lol: With men, assembly is always required. :laughhard: (she said in good humor... :wink: ) Sweet Jace, pay no attention to daddy and behave like mommy :P
  16. morphmom

    Tales of Fred the adventurer! - Updates 4/25/14

    Sounds to me like you need an outlet. You have quite a bit of anxiety there. Could you draw, write, go for a run, meditate? Fears never seems as big when we're distracted :wink:
  17. morphmom

    Emmett, EMILIO, Emma..RIP sweet Emily

    My goodness! :o What a ton of work! Yikes! Sad you lost many of your Halloween things but very glad you were able to save your photo's. :D -Good for you for learning a new skill! And without help!? I'd be scared to start. I can do everything else in the house but electrical work scares the...
  18. morphmom

    Jango (pic heavy)

    Aw, little sleepy bum! :D I use to take Myah to the bus stop, it didn't ever go well :roll: Myah was great but none of the other parents were on board. I got a lot of rolled eyes and sneers. Not only is this a one horse town, it's a pretentious town. The other wives stay home as their hubby's...
  19. morphmom

    Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

    That's an interesting point Kristine. :study: The idea that first time mom's need to feel in control. I was one of those moms. Not sure if it was because Annie was/is my first or if it was because she was born so sick but I sure as heck made sure to let everyone know that no one made a move...
  20. morphmom

    Jace, Zy, Sorin, Ava, Nissa, & Koth -->Update 12-18 w/ Pics

    -Yoga and I do NOT get along! :lol: But I'm really glad you found a physical outlet that works for you. I need to take vitamins and eat better. Maybe you've started something Liz. Inspiring people to do better :wink: -I'll tell you, exactly what I tell my girlfriends and what they tell me...
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