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  1. hockeyballz30

    New Tank!!!

    I would stick with the CHE at night, these guys are used to cool temps during the night time of about 65 degrees or so. If your house drops to lower I would add some additional heat. They do not sense heat from below which is why most will steer you away from any under tank heaters. It is...
  2. hockeyballz30

    took in a rescue for first time ever..

    Hello everyone, I have bred and housed dragons for over 15 years. This new addition is my first ever established adult that I have taken without knowing a whole lot. He was fed properly because he is healthy looking but he is very grumpy. I was wondering if anyone knew any ways to ease him back...
  3. hockeyballz30

    My 10 year old orange german giant passed today

    Thanks everyone. I gave her a bath last night, she went downhill fast and died during the night I believe. At least she got that last bath in. relaxed her
  4. hockeyballz30

    My 10 year old orange german giant passed today

    Hey dragon community, just wanted to let you all know that my 10 yr old orange german giant Peaches, passed away today. She did not come out of the brumation period well at all. Was not eating and declined fairly quickly. She lived a long life though, so that I am proud of. :(
  5. hockeyballz30

    FedEx lizard?

    agreed. i have sent several dragons fedex with all positive results. overnighted of course and properly setup will ensure the least stressful trip. good luck
  6. hockeyballz30

    Interested in starting Dubia Roach colony

    definitely trump crickets in every area IMO.. They don't smell as bad, they don't jump, few die offs, less chance of parasites, more meat, breed easier. ALL around winner for me.
  7. hockeyballz30

    Interested in starting Dubia Roach colony

    Super Worms...They recommended for adults as a staple feeder. Lots of movement and great source of nutrition. This site is the best site for superworms and hornworms which are excellent to feed every once and awhile. I have not ordered dubias in quite some time...
  8. hockeyballz30

    Interested in starting Dubia Roach colony

    most sellers will sell a starter kit or a mixed batch...This is the best case scenario in starting a colony. You will get several different sizes. The adults will keep breeding and you will have a big variety of different sizes. I usually let it get established while I am feeding another feeder...
  9. hockeyballz30

    Do dragons have growth spurts?

    illegal?! wow thats a sin. These are probably the most durable feeder for dragons. How old is your dragon? Superworms are good for dragons recommended over 15" long. They are a great feeder as well. Phoenix worms I found to be very small and are not a staple food. Even the Large Phoenix worms...
  10. hockeyballz30

    Do dragons have growth spurts?

    I agree, i use my dubia colony, supers, and hornworms. It is better to introduce them to several foods...they get bored just like us! haha
  11. hockeyballz30

    need immediate help with UVB

    with a smaller tank i recommend a basking spot that is low so you can benefit from the required distances. I would just use the log or a rock to start with. Because he can travel up that branch and become inches away from the uvb, this is not a good idea. I have also done different things when...
  12. hockeyballz30

    What a good beardie!

    when i had my first 4 clutches. Feeding all of those mouths were a lot so i used a chopper for all the veggies.. Worked wonders and my babies actually ate greens which is uncommon. So i definitely suggest an electric chopper/blender to finely dice up those veggies. Good luck!
  13. hockeyballz30

    How many supers

    i rotate between supers and my roach colony...It works in multiple ways. Keep the colony growing and keep the food supply alternating. They do love their supers though.
  14. hockeyballz30

    Hiding temp and thermostat probes....

    i second the temp gun idea...they are excellent and more often even more accurate
  15. hockeyballz30

    Bearded dragon both juvenile and adult diet?

    pinkies are not required. There are just too many risks. Too much fat, impaction. Disease. A beardie just doesn't need a pinkie IMO. Others will agree.
  16. hockeyballz30

    What substrate should I get? Non stick shelf liner vs. Tile

    Tile seems to work the best for me. It is easy to spot clean. Also, tiles can be removed to wash for a deep clean. I use wipes to spot clean when they go in the tank, and your done. When putting tiles in just place them down, they are heavy enough where they will not move, but light enough to...
  17. hockeyballz30

    Hyperactive beardie?

    just curious...did he exhibit this behavior when the temps were 90? I would try to reduce the temps to at least 100 to see if there is any change. They use the heat to digest their food so even if after eating you can raise the temps just to see if behavior changes.
  18. hockeyballz30

    Hyperactive beardie?

    how old is the dragon...106 is high unless they are a hatchling....I would try bringing temps down on the hot side to see if there is any change. To me, it sounds like he is to warm
  19. hockeyballz30

    Hyperactive beardie?

    how hot is it in the tank???
  20. hockeyballz30

    Get out of the cage!

    hello, do you approach from the front and low as to avoid over the top and surprising the dragon?? They will often be vary weary of action above them instinctively. Try to move very slow and place your hand flat on the tanks floor. slowly move forward, it may take a few tries. I have often found...
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