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    Saved an iguana today...

    Hey floof, sorry for the delay, I usually just come on here to look on the beardie stuff. Never really scroll down this far, haha. Well, my little iguana is moved into a larger sub-adult enclosure, and I'm currently in the middle of building his adult enclosure. He's still a little fireball...
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    Tanks Idea

    Sliding glass is your best bet. It doesn't scratch like plexiglass, and still holds in the heat. A lot of people follow these plans:
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    Is it normal

    Is it normal for beardies to try to stay cooler during shedding? My tank is set up so the temperatures are correct, and he never really seemed to have a problem thermoregulating until he started shedding this week. Now he is only staying on the cool side. I tried switching the lamp to the other...
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    Saved an iguana today...

    I've always considered an iguana, and have spent hours reading into them, just out of interest. I wanted to wait a while longer until I felt that I was ready, but I was at a flea market today and saw an juvenile iguana in a tiny little aquarium. He seemed to be in good health, but had to source...
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    Is my beardie a neat freak?

    I can see why the dislike the smell, it's absolutely awful. I never really noticed until recently because I let it dry before cleaning it up, but now that he's doing it right next to me... augh.
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    Is my beardie a neat freak?

    My little beardie, Marxie, has taken on a troublesome little habit lately. It seems like he tries his hardest to wait until we take him out of his cage before he poops. I don't think it's because he's scared or anything, he's very social and seems comfortable with me. It's gotten to the point...
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    Anyone here just order Dubia without making a colony?

    It's called Suburban Reptile, in the chicagoland area. I'm pretty sure its privately owned.
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    Need help with lid please!

    Screen top with a wooden frame to keep it tight, maybe? You could always order a cover online.
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    Jumping from high places?

    My juvenile beardie, Marxie, seems to be a little daredevil, so to speak. I recently built a shelf to put in his vivarium so he could get closer to his heat source. I gave him a couple different spots to climb up and down, but he seems to like to jump off of the side onto the ground. I havent...
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    How to collect small crickets

    Chase them into a corner and cup them all in your hand instead of picking them up individually? I've been just hand feeding my beardie lately so there arent crickets all over his cage.
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    Anyone here just order Dubia without making a colony?

    The reptile store near me sells dubias (1/2'') for 7 dollars a dozen. Thats waaaaaay too steep to be buying them instead of breeding them.
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    Dubias Are ESCAPING!!!

    Are you keeping your dubias in a sterilite bin? Lots of people use packing tape or vaseline around the rim of it so that they can't climb up the sides. The really tiny ones can still climb the walls until they get to heavy, but none of them will get through packing tape or vaseline. Good luck!
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    Lobster roaches or Dubias?

    Virus, how many reptiles are you feeding?
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    Rust-oleum Stone Texture Spray Paint

    I was walking through Michael's the other day and saw it. I wondered the same thing. I assume if you sealed it, it would be okay, but don't quote me on it, because I'm not sure.
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    Bearded dragon opens mouth?

    Your basking spot should be hotter than that.
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    Lobster roaches or Dubias?

    I'm about to get into the roach game, and I know some people do dubias, and some people do lobster roaches. Whats the difference, what do you prefer, and why?
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    Any Ideas?

    You could try to bore a hole into a piece of wood to stand it up, or maybe you could go the route of making artificial rock. There's a bunch of tutorials in the DIY section.
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    Would this be sufficient housing for an adult?

    Rob, thanks for the reply. I just walked around my house looking for my digital camera and I guess I lost it for the time being. Let me try to explain it in more detail. The dresser is 30 inches tall, and is divided by one shelf going down the middle horizontally. If I left the shelf in there...
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    Would this be sufficient housing for an adult?

    Hi! First post, but I've been surfing the forums for a while now. I had a question about adult housing. I have a juvenile beardie that wont need larger housing for a while, but being the anxious person I am, I would like to have something ready for him so I don't have to worry about it later. I...
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