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    Did my bearded dragons mated?

    First, and I know this is basic, but make sure you actually have a male and a female. Some people will buy a "male" and a "female" only to find out later that they are both males, and that's why they aren't breeding. Then give the female a break for a few days. It sounds like you just got...
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    Dragons Mating

    Is that iceberg lettuce and bark chips?
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    If you can post a picture, we can tell you whether she is hypo or not.
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    Baby baby baby. *any photos welcomed*

    These are from January of 2012, so of course they're both much bigger now. Left is Ninja, right is Scout!
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    Scaleless Scout!

    This is my baby girl, Scout, from Tundra Dragons Flare x Nova pairing that hatched January of 2012.
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    Allie, my baby

    Yeah, I just looked through your photos. He's a beautifully colored normal dragon! He's not a leatherback, but that's fine. He does look healthy! Some of my prettier dragons are "normal" but of course, they're special to me! About the pinworms- crickets carry pinworms quite frequently, even...
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    Allie, my baby

    If you got Allie from a pet store with no known genetics, then you cannot guess a name for his coloration. The names are actually bloodlines, not morphs, so you would have to know what his parents were in order to know what Allie is. You can't go just by what he looks like because that's just...
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    Help plz. :(

    Have you kept her in the lay box for 6 days straight? You should not keep her in there that long. Also, the substrate in the lay bin should be damp enough that it does not cave in on her. Maybe she is not ready and you need to put her back in her cage until she starts digging again. The longest...
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    Millie is mad!

    Sounds like she might have parasites. Could you get a fecal exam done for her?
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    how are morphs identified ?

    The patterns on a dragon are not morphs. They are just colors and patterns. The only way you can produce a "Sandfire" is if you breed two Sandfire dragons. Sandfire dragons are only named Sandfire because that's what the breeder at Sandfire Ranch wanted to call them. Now it's just a bloodline...
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    My Little Republican Dragon!

    Yes, I've followed everything that's happened down there regarding the snakes, including the recent ban. I've talked so much about that, though, that I'm basically done beating a dead horse about it because all anyone seems to do is either get mad or start blaming the snakes themselves for just...
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    Juvie not moving well

    Is it a compact or a tube UVB? How far away from her is the UVB light, and is it on top of the screen top or below it? Also, what type of calcium is it that you are giving? It does sound a lot like MBD. if she is falling onto her back and making no attempt to turn back over, I really don't...
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    Millie is mad!

    Is that her in your profile picture? If so, her eye looks strangely puffy. Anyway, you may want to raise your basking temperature a little bit. Also, how is her urate? One of my girls won't eat a bit unless she's fully hydrated first. Also, she may be bored of her food and want different...
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    Zak-n-Wheezie the 2-Headed Bearded Dragon(s) RIP APR 4/16

    Isn't it funny how we feel bad for hormonal male beardies, but hormonal male humans get no empathy at all? :lol:
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    My Little Republican Dragon!

    Joanne, I wish I could bring my dog and a dragon out at the same time! Whenever I try that, the dog ends up trying to swipe the dragon when I'm not looking. She also does this weird thing with her mouth... looks like she's licking her lips obsessively, just thinking about the tasty morsel on my...
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    Introducing two adults m/f

    Some males will even become so obsessed with the female they can see that they will refuse food, like they are ignoring everything except the girl. I'd recommend covering one of the tanks or putting an opaque barrier between the two tanks. I keep a Rubbermaid tub's lid between some of my...
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    My Little Republican Dragon!

    You should tell the children (and anyone else you see who is interested in dragons) that they live in the heart of the reptile trade! Some of the best reptile specialty shops and breeders are down in Florida. Lucky...
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    Age question

    Most dragons hatch around 3 1/2 to 5 inches, so I doubt he's 3 months old. He's probably around 8 weeks old. Most reputable breeders don't sell their dragons until they are 6 inches long, and that's usually around 6 weeks, but Petsmart dragons grow more slowly because of the relocation stress...
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    Bent back???

    It sounds as though you do not have a UVB light at all. You probably have a white HEAT light that you run at night (they have UVA but not UVB) and a colored heat light at night (which you do not need). You need to get a ReptiSun 10.0 UVB light and you need to take your beardie to a reptile vet.
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    blind stanley

    You can also just go to and you don't have to have an account. What type UVB light do you have Stanley under? Also, is he eating his salads? Sounds like you're feeding crickets so he may have parasites as well. Have you done a fecal exam?
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