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    2 Bearded Dragons Needs Rescuing in Dalton, GA

    Is there anyone in the Dalton GA area? There's a bearded dragon needing an immediate rescue and care for MBD. He's located in the Dalton Petland by Kroger Shopping Center, across from K-Mart. He's housed in a 5-10 gallon tank with calci-sand, in the fish department, lower right tank. I visited...
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    Pink Urates

    Well yesterday, she didn't lay any in her tank whatsoever so I tried an improvised lay bin with her bath bin, a towel, and a heat light, she gave me a white urate in her lay bin. When she was done, she tried to jump out. Looks like she's not entirely ready for laying. This morning, her urates...
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    Pink Urates

    Good news! Melody's got pink urates. A few days ago, I noticed Melody eating less, pooping little, and passing urates. Today, she passed a large poop with a pink and white urate. I did read that it could be a sign of getting ready to lay. I don't have a lay box because every plastic bin with a...
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    Eek .. Poo on me!

    Yep. Melody pooped on me when she was sick and the last time about a month or two ago, it was just a pile of urates. I guess Iz marked you as his own. :)
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    Spoiled Rotten Pets... Bearded Dragon Episode!!!!!!!!!

    I want to see the beardie too! It makes me think we just love to spoil our beardies.
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    Cartmen just hates us!

    Have you tried giving him something of yours into the tank? Like an old shirt with your scent on it? Maybe try to limit his interaction with many people. He could be stressed or something is causing him to become aggressive.
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    only eats squash

    Hi. Mine hated butternut squash for the longest time and disliked many things. You can say, she's spoiled rotten all right. I've had to hide variety in her greens without her noticing. (I've fed her the bearded dragon pellets and hiding those. She won't touch them much.) So I've added some...
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    Not liking crickets ?

    How do you feel about Dubia Roaches? (I'm not a fan of roaches, but he/she does need some protein.) How old is s/he? Or you can go with silkworms, hornworms, reptiworms. Wait a second. There's also relocation stress if you just got him. Give him some time to acclimate to his surroundings.
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    upper respiratory infection / at home aid?? help!

    An underbite can be a sign of MBD. Would you give us your tank stats to get a better idea of what you've got? Lighting, UVB, substrates. If your babies are adults, they need calcium five days a week... My Schedule is like this: Monday through Thursday: Regular Calcium without D3 once a day...
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    Brown/Black spots.. pics

    I haven't seen black and brown spots before on mine. You may need to talk to Drache613. She's really good at finding out what they may be. To me it looks like burn marks on her legs and nose tip, may be a retained shed, or she scratched herself on something.
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    Sunny please read.

    My Melody hasn't started showing any signs of trying to lay any eggs yet. She's a year and half so far. I'm glad that you've discovered Sunny's actually trying to lay eggs.
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    Beardie tricks

    I've trained Melody to 'call me by banging her sticks or rocks around to get me' and she does. She goes to the bathroom before I leave the house, she'll go in her tub, or outside during the summer months. She knows the car and loves to go out on trips. She knows the words, 'No', 'Stop', 'Turn...
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    I HATE Spiders!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't like many spiders either. When I lived in the mountains, there were these large brown spiders. They managed to get into my house. One evening, when I was getting ready to take a shower, I didn't see anything in the shower curtain and closed the curtain. Something touched me and I...
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    Good Thing Petsmart/Petco Told You

    I've been to one Petsmart once in Chattanooga and they were pretty nice and clean. I once got in when they were closing and I ran out of crickets. They let me in and buy some crickets for Melody to eat and they weren't mean or anything. There animals looked good but I wouldn't buy anything else...
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    Over sleeping?

    It sounds like pre-brumation to me if he's hiding under his log and sleeping. I've read on some forums that some dragons start going into a pre-brumation period first before going into full brumation in the winter. Turn off the lights and see what he does. What are your specs for your tank...
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    Fake Plant

    Normally, they're supposed to lick the water off the tank or the plant. I've got several plants in her tank on the cool side for decoration. Melody doesn't really lick off the water from any where in her tank. I used to mist her plants every morning and never see her go over there to lick them...
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    Ozzy is dyeing

    Sounds like a respiratory infection and he does need another vet visit.
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    Please Help! My beardie won't poop...

    Hi. If you've got a walmart around you, you can buy a fixture at Wallyworld. Just take out the plastic covering the light and install your Repti-sun 10.0 tube light in there. You can hang the fixture inside the tank using command strips. Second: Remove all the walnut shell bedding from the...
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    Beardie Sits Still Alot

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    Going Shopping! Greens ideas?

    I tried Collards and Mustard Greens for Melody when she first came into my house. She liked collard greens, hates mustard greens with a passion (She won't touch them.) Then I tried Turnip Greens (Instant hit. Melody loves turnip greens). I tried Endive mixed with Turnip greens. (No endive.)...
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