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    Thinking of breeding??

    It is great to see this thread re-opened, I think it should be a sticky. So many people are just breeding for s*** and giggles with no regard to the animals health thinking they are going to make all kinds of money. Then when you try to help them and explain what should be done they take...
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    Virgin laying fertile eggs possible???

    Lol I didn't want to get all gun ho until something hatched out but I know that she has never(and I do mean never) had any contact with a male. I know there is going to be alot of skeptisism(sp) re this issue and was just trying to get as much info as possible. As I have 2 eggs that have veins...
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    Virgin laying fertile eggs possible???

    I Ty for the reply and is what I figured b/c I was unable to locate any info on this during my search ... lol I'm a waitting to see what hatches or not but might have a 1st here...
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    Virgin laying fertile eggs possible???

    I am trying to find any info on virgin female dragons laying fertile clutches with out ever being with male. If anyone has ever heard of this happening or has any info re: this please either PM me or leave a post.. i am very interested in all info good or bad.... Thanks
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    A ? re: Sore on hand....

    Thanks for the reply's, she is good didn't lay just dug alot today. I ended up making a lizard bandaid that held up during her day of digging. I have been using neosporin, put some on the wound the wrapped in syran(sp) wrap and taped it. It seem to work as she digs and walks...
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    A ? re: Sore on hand....

    I have a female who has been laying infertile clutches and has a sore on her front foor due to digging all the time. I cleaned the wound and have been treating with neosporin. Well I have her on tile and she keeps reopening the wound. My question is is there anything like liquid band aid or any...
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    1st eggs of the season...

    I'm having a late season all around this year but got my 1st clutch of dragon eggs on mothers day(go figure) so I figure I would post some pics... starting to lay Almost done Covering them up like a good mom 18 fertile eggs 4 slugs not bad for her 1st clucth ever Mom not covered in...
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    Congrat's Tom very nice... :headbang:
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    New snakes

    I personally use paper towels but aspen is perfectly ok use. A lot of owners use aspen for their ball pythons with out any problems... :D
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    Hornworms / Silkworms

    I agree with 1sttime they have exceptional customer service. A couple times I didn't received my order do to postal service (usps) error and I contacted them and they reshipped my order asap with no extra charge. I highly recomend them for hornworms and also get superworms from then too...
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    New snakes

    Welcome to the snake side and Congrats on your new snake additions... As your finding they can be addicting :lol: If you have any questions feel free to ask we are here to help :mrgreen: And we need pics or it doesnt count :D
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    how many geckos in 40gal

    I try to keep them within 10 grams of each other or they are roughly the same size appearence wise. You just want to make sure that they all are getting to eat and that one (usually the biggest one) is not preventing a smaller one from getting food, or becoming aggresive towards the younger...
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    Hornworms / Silkworms

    As far as hornworms go I use greatlakes and I always been able to get whatever quantity I need. Never had an issue where as silkworms are a different story, which is one of the reasons I stopped using them. I order hornworms regularly never had a problem getting them.
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    Finally Got Pics of my New Babies!

    very nice leo's that last one does look like a sweety... let the addiction begin :laughing6:
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    Why is my Beardie SO unhappy?!!

    Hi glad to hear your little one is doing better, just had a question re: your setup. Do you have an overhead basking buld along with the repti sun uvb or just the under tank heater?
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    My Beardie temple fake rock build

    Wow, I have built some basic stuff for my vivs but that is one of the best detialed designs I have seen... very nice job :headbang:
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    how many geckos in 40gal

    As long as there all about the same size they should be fine. Just make sure you have multiple hides and just keep an eye on them so there is no dominence issues. I keep 1.3 groups in roughly the same size enclosures with out problems. The usual rule is 10 gal per leo. Hope this helps.
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    New Additions DUW

    Thanks for all comments. :) Yeah I got them a few weeks ago, my buddy was looking for some dragons from one of my blood lines(produces monster males lol) and offered me some of the leos for them. I purchased the giants from steve sykes and the sunglows from sean niland from vms to add to the...
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    So what do you think? New Ball cage.

    Your more than welcome. Rich should be able to help you out with any questions you have regarding the heat tape, will even assemble it all for you if you wish :D . Be sure to post some pics when its all finished...
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