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    Looking for the "Bible" for new uromastyx owner

    Have have a beardie for 4 years, love him endlessly. Beardie had been the perfect family pet, everyone loves him and he had the perfect environment because we did tons of researc. I mention this because we love him and play by the rules giving him everything, including affection, that he needs...
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    "organ" placement

    gross, but informative
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    Spoiled Rotten Pets... Bearded Dragon Episode!!!!!!!!!

    I'm a mans-man, tattoos, scared on my head, cuss, drink and scratch myself. But........ I look like such a wuss at bath time :wink: I lean over the tub and talk to him about his day and i talk to him asking him to poop in the tub like a good boy does. I started running his belly during one of...
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    Thinking About Slate Tiles

    I have a 40gal breeder tank. To tile his tank I spent a total of $6! The exterior dimensions are 36x18. I had them cut everything 1inch smaller, ie 35x17 for the floor. Fit perfectly!
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    Spoiled Rotten Pets... Bearded Dragon Episode!!!!!!!!!

    I saw this too! I was channel surfing the other night and stopped on this show. Then i saw our favorite beardie. I yelled to my wife "look, come here!". I showed her the dragon and said he/they was a member here! Then i saw the commercial for the new show. Needless to say, I have set the dvr! I...
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    baby food, yum yum. which flavor......

    Just kinda asking around. First, I only started offering baby food to get something in Slash while he is in the "winter slow". Quick question, I've read where chicken is still a questionable food for dragon, but what about chicken mixed with something else? Slash loves apples. Will tolerate...
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    School Show-and-Tell

    We plan on taking Slash to my son's 2nd grade class when it warms up. The teacher is totally cool with it, especially bc she knows that there is no chance of any allergic flair-ups! We plan on using this as an educational opportunity to talk about warm blooded vs cold blooded animals. Mrs...
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    Dogs and beardies

    I have a four year old boxer and a7 month old dragon. Slash, the dragon, has no fear. He jumps on Duncan, the boxer, s nose and has even tried walking on him. We know that Slash knows Duncan is a real animal and like wise. I trust my boxer fully! He is a great family pet! However, he is...
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    Entertainment center viv.

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    asthamic children allergic to roaches. need info on diff bug

    this is a true thing. 1 in 5 asthmatic children are allergic to roaches. its like being allergic to dust mites, the bug themselves arent the problem, it is the feces. sounds gross, i know, but it is what it is. my 7 year old son had a rash on his chest for a few days and it kept getting...
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    is this a real pic?

    yes, i agree they are stressed. That is why the patterns on the "belly" is so noticeable. And the hind legs had patterns offer than verticals. And of course you want to :-) buy every animal from the pet store. They are probably not the kind that one shown in the first post. Ps, I love this...
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    is this a real pic?

    On further inspection these little babies don't look the same, but are very dark and have a leopard printed belly. They have some stress marks, but all babies do in the pretty store. I held the one show and was a happy, alert little guy. They had an older one in there, he is the other beardie in...
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    is this a real pic?

    I saw something very similar at a petsmart in Durham nc. Don't know if they still had them ,I didn't ask about because usually the employees don't know anything about morphs or silkies or stuff like that. They were predominantly black with light brown checkers down the back all the way the tall...
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    Welcome Slash *updated 9-2, at reptile show pics*

    I didn't take many pictures at the show yesterday. There were two dragon booths that were awesome, both from Raleigh NC ! Carolina Dragons and Carolina Classic Dragons. Both of the guys were very patient and answered everyone's questions. They would let you hold "most " of them. There were...
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    Welcome Slash *updated 9-2, at reptile show pics*

    Headed to the reptile show in Raleigh NC today. We will NOT be coming hone with a new brother or sister for Slash, but maybe a new viv and some delicious snacks. Hell, maybe come home with some new information for dragons that I didn't know already. Either way, I am very excited!
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    Beardie Breakthrough!!

    I do this too. Slash is Extremely lazy, if they're not within3inches of him he just stares and gives me the stink eye. I am such a slave!
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    Welcome Slash *updated 9-2, at reptile show pics*

    I'm a man's man, I've got tattoos, I don't wear band aides, I cus , I drink and dogs are afraid of me.. ...but my little dragon has me wrapped around his finger.. .....
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    Welcome Slash *updated 9-2, at reptile show pics*

    "Pet? I ain't no pet. I'm a dinosaur! "
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    Welcome Slash *updated 9-2, at reptile show pics*

    Not only does he rule the house, but he now is King Of The Front Porch!
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    Give me pics to help Slash

    I bought some of the Omnivore freeze dried veggies bc my sister in law says hers love them (they're from the same litter), they give off a sweet smell. So Slash ate some the other day. We came home and saw what looked a veggie royal rumble! We could tell he had eaten some, he had a big ole belly...
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