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    Dig Box- Sensory 8mo old

    Thank you! I read that online but I don’t typically trust all that I read and this group has been so much help! She doesn’t lick as much at all so we will give it a go and I’ll monitor her at first.
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    Dig Box- Sensory 8mo old

    My question- is 8-10 months old too early to introduce a dig box for my female beardie as a sensory and enhancement? I’m planning to use. Play sand and top soil mix free of any harmful agents in a plastic tub about 8 inches higher, with 5 to 6 inches of substrate. Side note- we bought her...
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    Traveling with Juvenile Beardie

    Thanks, Karrie!
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    Traveling with Juvenile Beardie

    Just r Thank you so much for your reply! I see contradicting information but from day one this forum has been my "beardie bible" and I so appreciate the feedback! I was actually looking at foldable playpens because I just really do not want to haul that tank and like you said, it just isn't...
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    Traveling with Juvenile Beardie

    Hello! So... my husband and I are heading to visit my family next week and we will be gone for a week. I do realize that having someone to take care of our girl (Lulu) would be the best option however, that is not an option for us. I have done some research so I will list the specifics of our...
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    Now its looking like ADV please assist.

    Sending lots of thoughts and positive vibes and prayers to you and your baby!
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    Lulu says Thank You!

    My husband and I (after a lot of research) decided to become bearded dragon parents! My husband works at PetSmart and yes I know... a lot of them have no idea what they're doing. Luckily, this location has individuals caring for the dragons that go above and beyond. Corporate policy limits so...
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    Thoughts on beardie pet insurance?

    I am actually looking into Nationwide pet insurance. Lulu is my first beardie, and I don't have prior experience with insurance for reptiles but, I did have insurance for my dog that passed away recently; she also had many health issues and it ended up saving a lot of money in the long run. I...
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