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    Repticon Question - Houston 3/17 & 18

    WOW, thank you guys, so much great information. As far as mealworms go, I think I will skip that because of how many places I have read from say that the shell on the worm can cause issues clogging up the dragon. I live in Houston which its typically hot out, and upstairs where we spend most...
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    Repticon Question - Houston 3/17 & 18

    Thank you for that Info. I think i have the cage setup figured out now and have been keeping notes on do's and don'ts which i'm pretty comfortable with. I think the biggest question i have now is the food. I want to keep it as simple as possible and I will be making a schedule so my 13 year...
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    Repticon Question - Houston 3/17 & 18

    Hello Everyone, I have been lurking on the forums on and off for a little while now. I have never owned a bearded dragon and have been doing research on them a lot. I have decided not to purchase a beardy from say pets mart due to stories of how they treat their live stock and how you are...
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    Custom Enclosure From a Dresser

    I love your enclosure, I'm going to be getting a bearded dragon in the coming months and I am looking to create my own enclosure pretty much how you have it. I'm tossing around the idea of laying the inside down with tile floors for easier cleanup and less issues with urine and such soaking...
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