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    Yellow fungus treatment options

    No, she did not. She is just saying that’s what she thinks it is. The culture didn’t come back with any fungal growth. We are wanting to get him tested again to determine exactly what type of fungus it is and which medication is best to tackle that specific one. Thank you for the honey info!
  2. ofcourseilikepasta

    Yellow fungus treatment options

    He started out with a bump there that we got checked out, and it turned out it was just full of blood. Eventually it started going away, but then late April it started turning yellow. We got him right into the vet and they scraped some scales to be tested. They tried to grow the fungus and...
  3. ofcourseilikepasta

    Yellow fungus treatment options

    Hello all, it’s been a while. We are working with a vet right now but I’m wanting to get a second opinion and see what other people think. I’ve heard a lot of pessimism regarding the outcome of a beardie with yellow fungus. A big consensus is that it’s a death sentence. Gary is currently on...
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    Sudden behavior change

    Hi everyone it’s been a while. I’m having an issue with Gary this morning. He is suddenly absolutely terrified of everyone. He’s usually really friendly and will just run around the house happy as can be. But this morning he is trying to hide from everyone and if you get too close he puffs up...
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    Concerning poop...

    He hasn't eaten anything really out the ordinary... I guess maybe strawberries as a treat? Other than that he just eats collard greens and Dubia roaches
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    Concerning poop...

    Really worried about Roger's poop today. The only reason I'm not putting this in ER is because he's acting normal.... It's very milky which is what I'm so concerned about. Can someone provide any insight on why this would happen? Thank you
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    Out Time Shenanigans

    :lol: :lol: :lol: This is soooo my boys too! They both have specific places they will go to when I turn my back for even just a second. Thane is way too cute!! You can't stay mad at them for too long that's for sure :wink:
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    My baby beardie is about to die please help!

    That poor baby is starving :cry: It's clear you must've been given improper information. Please, from now on do your own research online before buying an animal, and it is always best to be financially stable when deciding to take care of another living being. All I can say is follow what...
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    Filling Himself Up With Air?

    Great! He just doesn't move at all, just keeps holding his breath til I take him out :( Maybe he'll get used to it eventually! Thanks.
  11. ofcourseilikepasta

    Filling Himself Up With Air?

    Hi everyone! Roger is doing really well, loves his greens and is growing like a champ! However, he does this when I put him in the bath: The second he touches the water, he will fill himself up with air like a balloon! Is he doing this because he's afraid of drowning? I make sure not to fill...
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    What to do with those pesky salads

    SO funny! Loved this!!
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    All I have learned and I'm still scared

    My Gary is very snuggly! It just depends on how much you handle them IMO. We gave him sooooo much attention and interacted with him every day to the point where the second he gets out of his tank all he wants to do is sleep on me lol. Just work with him a lot but be gentle and calm and give...
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    She looks fine to me :) Just a little baby with a lot more growing to do!
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    Who else let their beardie sleep with them

    Our baby (well, he's still my baby even though he's an adult now) Gary sleeps behind our heads in a cubby in our bed wrapped in a blankey :) That way we can give him a little pet in the middle of the night without worrying about squishing him. Plus he hates sleeping in his tank!
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    My new beardie is sleeping for hours without moving!

    I agree with Gail, mealworms will not impact an 11 month old dragon. But regardless I don't suggest feeding them mealworms either as I feel there are much better choices out there. Sounds like he might just be spooked and getting used to his new home. Just give him some time to adjust :)
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    Brumation Escape (VVarning tale)

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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