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    Scratching at the tile

    hopefully once your dragon gets a little bigger, you will be able to tell :) a long time ago there was these weird bearded creatures, they live in a sandy/dirt environment, but one day, theses bearded creatures grew wings, and start to fly to catch the bugs that fly. An explorer saw these...
  3. BeardieLover232

    Scratching at the tile

    are you sure he is not a she :P Squishy, would scratch on the tile, cause there was some calcium left from the greens, and he try to eat it. -_- Pebbles done it once, I don't know if they are bored, or they miss their sand :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    it might be skin that is trying to shed! but i could be wrong doe :D I wanna see what others have to say! :)
  5. BeardieLover232

    UPDATE: parasites

    NICE! i will go check it out for sure, got to keep her and her environment poopy and dirty free :) thank you! :)
  6. BeardieLover232

    Skinny Dragon?

    from what I heard, is that they give extra calcium! especially for the dragons that need calcium. I don't know if they fatten dragons up. butter worms and wax worms for sure make them chubby if fed enough! so are dubia, since they are rich in protein when guttloaded :)
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    Skinny Dragon?

    hello there, I am glad she is getting fed, but the meal worms are a nono. she needs to be fed crickets, dubia roaches, Calci-worms, wax worms, phenix worms, and horn worms. the problem with meal worms, is there hard shells, which it makes it hard for the dragon to digest and cause impaction...
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    probably has the happy tummy and i don't know if it is some bearded dragons, but some like to hold their breath when they eat, but when they stop, they catch their breath, but that could have been my beardie. :) I have to look at it again at my beardie again XDDD
  9. BeardieLover232

    UPDATE: parasites

    good news, she is pooping normally again! :D no more wet poo. and for the F10SC and vetericyn, do you know where I can get some? :) thank you everyone and CooperDragon thanks Sarah :) I am glad she is back in health again, you have no idea how much she means to me. will HornWorms help with...
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    UPDATE: parasites

    I didn't know where to put this under.. my last post, was about the runny stool. I took her to the vet, and she was running happily around the room. my little girl and I waiting in the car for the appointment at 3:30 with a sample this is her running around the office while we wait for the...
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    My bearded died while being looked after at a reptile shop

    I think it may have been stress from moving to one place to another! But with Bearded Dragons, they can hide anything without a warning they just pass. Lizarto was the same, she was healthy three years old dragon, more in the chubby side, she passed. and it could have been anything. I still miss...
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    no go, no poo

    haaai! I did call my vet! I can bring a sample in anytime just not on sunday! I have to make an appointment, so i don't have to wait to long for a sample, and they can also check on her to make sure she is okay! :) I will find a container I can use for her, she only gets bath after a poo, or...
  15. BeardieLover232

    Terrarium Sizing

    this is why they are called Bearded "Dragons" right? :P many suggest a 75 Gallon. but they are expensive!! that why I have a 55, they are smaller, but the dragons love it :D
  16. BeardieLover232

    no go, no poo

    his, i am back with some updates. this her poop! it stinks so bad, but i picked a sample and put it in a baggie, it looks to be a 30 minutes to an hour old! bleh... and tomorrow is sunday and they are closed, suggestions to keep poo fresh till tuesday? here is her poo. WARNING: Beardie poo...
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    Pesky Crickets

    I used to do crickets, when i ran out of roaches. but they stink. and somehow manage to escape. how does one escape doe.. but i do agree, they can carry parasites and etc, it is better off with roaches, or any alternative. horns worms, caliworms, etc. I wanna start a colony myself, but the...
  19. BeardieLover232

    Superworms and beardie??

    yeah, if they are small. and your dragon is 14 inches. I think you are set, just give him as a treat, they will love you forever! :)
  20. BeardieLover232

    no go, no poo

    hoii, AHBD! i had pebbles since june 4, 17. she actually pooped while I was at work :) my mom told me it stank up the whole house! :lol: :lol: her diet has not changed, just roaches and spring mix of course with calcium. i will have to post a pic of it when she does poo again, i didn't think...
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