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    Advice needed regarding black stains on teeth

    Well actually, I trust the people on the forum here more than the limited exotic vets in my country heh :mrgreen: Well not that i think I know better, it's just.. they dont give me the assurance :silent: Not to say they have absolutely no knowledge on exotic animals whatsoever, of course, but...
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    Advice needed regarding black stains on teeth

    Apparently it was just a really stubborn dragon. Im sorry I cant remember exactly where I read it, it was quite some time ago when I came across it. :oops: Yea i thought so too :? Hmm I dont think so, at least not for Aerys, but for Daenys, it could be possible since she's does take black...
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    Advice needed regarding black stains on teeth

    Thank you for this. I've actually stop feeding him supers for a few days now but still Aerys remains uninterested in crickets, even seemingly repugnant at the sight of dubias; I just wasnt sure if I should quit feeding him altogether since I once read that they are unreasonable lil creatures...
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    Advice needed regarding black stains on teeth

    Hello guys, i just noticed my beardie Aerys have black stains on his teeth recently that seems to have been there for quite some time. As for my other beardie Daenys, Im not too sure if she has black stains as well since it appears to be more reddish. (near the front on both sides) The vet...
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    Awareness for egg rupturing

    Hello, just an update on Daenys' condition It's been a week now and though she's still not moving around much, she remains a bright color and alert. She also began eating the worms on her own but still refused to touch her greens. :mrgreen: Upon our 2nd visit the vet said the tissue taken was...
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    Something WEIRD in the laybox!

    Thanks for taking the time Tracie :) I'd like to think Daenys is doing ok so far. Ive updated her condition in the newer thread. Thanks again!
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    Awareness for egg rupturing

    Thanks for all the wishes, really appreciate them! Daenys is still looking alert today. Aside from not moving and a lack of appetite, she still seems ok to me. I only got her to eat a worm today but I did keep up with the slurry mixed with a bit of chicken puree. She was only willing to take a...
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    Awareness for egg rupturing

    My girl Daenys was displaying difficulty in moving. It was the 2nd day after she had laid her 2nd clutch. She's alert but she rarely moves, and when she did, it almost look as if she was limping (like her arms had no strength in them) Another thing that concerned me was that after taking a few...
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    Something WEIRD in the laybox!

    Tracie!! :love10: Yea, i've thought abt it but I didnt want the conversations that we share to just be always abt my beardie's issue, so i concluded that coming here is only appropriate! :D Oh i see, that sure is one huge plug. My mum scared me by asking if that was her intestine (it's stupid...
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