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  1. melissamott124

    Early MBD?

    Thanks everyone. The fruit juice with dissolved calcium+vitamin D worked, Lazlo really likes it, so that helps a lot. I found a vet and he has an appointment in two days. The weakness in his arms looks worse, and I’m just getting really nervous so hopefully having some labs and imaging to look...
  2. melissamott124

    Early MBD?

    Thanks again to everyone for the recommendations - the fruit juice is a great idea so I’ll try it. I also bought flavored calcium+vitamin D powder which he doesn’t seem to mind. I’m just not finding his symptoms to be improving this time around. If anything, I’m a little worried that they’re...
  3. melissamott124

    Early MBD?

    Hi everyone! I'm just popping in with a one month update on my boy, Lazlo. He's been doing great! I'm actually shocked at how quickly his symptoms have improved. He loves the blueberry Bug-De-Lite liquid calcium and nearly attacks the syringe every time, so that's a perk! Thank you so much to...
  4. melissamott124

    Early MBD?

    Thank you so much to everyone for all of the replies! I'm attaching some pictures of his enclosure, and a quick video of him walking. I ended up putting a hammock under his heat lamp and he basked for an hour and a half yesterday - I can't believe the solution to get him to bask was that simple...
  5. melissamott124

    Early MBD?

    Hi everyone, I have a 4-year old boy named Lazlo, previously very healthy aside from an episode or two of pinworms. Recently over the last couple of days, I have noticed that he is walking with his fingers curled under his hands. It sort of looks like he's walking on closed fists. Since I...
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  7. melissamott124

    120 Gallon Tank Stand

    Hey all, I had a really nice melamine tank custom built for my boy. Because it's melamine it's a bit on the heavier side and I want to make sure I get something sturdy to hold it. I have a dog so I don't feel comfortable leaving it on or low to the ground. What do you guys use as tank stands...
  8. melissamott124

    Disinfecting driftwood log for pinworms

    Hey all! My boy has had a pinworm infection that he just can't shake. He was on Panacur for a month but still tested positively after completing the medication. I took him back to the vet who said to clean his tank with vinegar/water twice a day, everyday, while giving him another month of the...
  9. melissamott124

    Brumation before adulthood?

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all of the comments. I took Lazlo's fecal sample to the vet last week and it came back positive for pinworms again, which is a huge disappointment after 4 weeks of treatment. I spoke with the vet about the test results and she said that this may be Lazlo's "normal gut...
  10. melissamott124

    Brumation before adulthood?

    Yeah I had a female before him so when he started digging I was wondering if I sexed him incorrectly, but I checked under his tail yesterday and from what I'm seeing he's definitely a male. I'll definitely throw some comfy cloths and fabrics into his hide to see if he likes that. Thanks for the...
  11. melissamott124

    Brumation before adulthood?

    Hi Karrie thanks for your comment! He has a UVB fluorescent tube that I just replaced about 2 weeks ago. His tank does have a hide - he's been spending more time in there during the day and spending a lot of time trying to dig under there too.
  12. melissamott124

    Brumation before adulthood?

    Hi everyone! My little guy Lazlo has been showing pretty much every textbook symptom of brumation: decreased appetite (though he's still eating), sleepiness and laziness during the day, and attempting to dig into dark corners of his tank during the day. He's only 8 months old currently and I...
  13. melissamott124

    Exotic vet recommendations in Minnesota

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’m definitely going to reach out to Twin Cities Reptiles
  14. melissamott124

    Exotic vet recommendations in Minnesota

    Hey guys, I recently moved from outside NYC to Minnesota and I’m having trouble finding a good exotic vet. I’m in the Rochester area and have had issues with professionalism and reliability with the local vet and was very unhappy with the quality of my boy’s exam. I wouldn’t mind driving up to...
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  18. melissamott124

    I'm afraid to hold my bearded dragon

    Hey Luis! How long have you had Skippy? I was in the exact same situation when I got my first beardie a few years back. I had wanted one for years and when I finally got her, I was terrified of handling her. I think the big thing to know going into this is that trust building needs to go both...
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