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  1. Shard's Legacy Uploads

    Shard's Legacy Uploads

  2. Shard

    [Leo] Worried About Class Pet

    Managed to get Sheldon to eat a superworm today, and turns out Sheldon's a girl! The teacher is now calling her Amy. Also it looks like my teacher tried leaving a dish of mealworms in the tank for Amy, but...they forgot to remove the sawdust-like material. Upon notifying her, she said it was...
  3. Shard

    [Leo] Worried About Class Pet

    My teacher hasn't even bought calcium powder. When they first came to the class I recommended getting a cricket cage and food to gutload, which she bought. Upon looking up the food she bought, it is called "Total Bites" (looks like cubes of green jello). The crickets ate it, but Sheldon wouldn't...
  4. Shard

    [Leo] Worried About Class Pet

    Hello there! I haven't been on these forums for awhile, and since I'm on this one, I thought I'd post here. I hope that's okay! So for the past month or so there has been a class pet in my science class, a leopard gecko named Sheldon. However, the entire time I've been worried about him. Can...
  5. Shard

    Is There a Live Chat on this Site?

    Ok, thank you. No need to check for it, anymore. :lol:
  6. Shard

    Is There a Live Chat on this Site?

    I'm just wondering, because I haven't seen one.
  7. Shard

    my new dragon any suggestions for a name?

    Acacia? I think it's A-k-sha or A-k-shea.
  8. Shard

    These Bearded Dragon Quizzes are Wrong!

    I was taking bearded dragon care tests online, and ended up nitpicking their answers! <xD Is "none of the above" an answer? I chose the only option that I thought is good for all ages. They didn't specify adults. Mealworms and lettuce are bad for them. All of these are pretty small...
  9. Shard


    Wow, they look really neat. ^^ Nice color and markings.
  10. Shard

    Mushu & Yoshi!

    Awwww...they're really cute!
  11. Shard

    my new dragon any suggestions for a name?

    She's really adorable! I'm thinking Acacia (it's a tree with thorns, lol). Kendra also sounds nice. I've never met anyone with either of these names, though. :lol:
  12. Shard

    Mandela's official thread!

    Mandela's a really pretty dragon, wow.
  13. Shard

    My new Bearded Dragon that I ordered online.

    What a beautiful little dragon. By the way, what's that blue mark on his tail?
  14. Shard

    Sliding Door/Front Loading Enclosure Question

    Thanks for the advice!
  15. Shard

    Sliding Door/Front Loading Enclosure Question

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in DIY or Enclosures, however I went with Enclosures as it might apply to pre-made enclosures, too. Is it a good idea to glue handles on a sliding door of a front loading enclosure? Just small wood blocks to make it easier to open? I don't know if there's a...
  16. Shard

    Zak-n-Wheezie the 2-Headed Bearded Dragon(s) RIP APR 4/16

    I am very, very sorry for your loss, Barbara. These two really beat the odds, didn't they...? They lived longer than many beardies with only one head. You took very great care of them. Rest in peace, Zac-n-Wheezie. I tried to draw them, sorry the pictures aren't that great. ^^; (Also, sorry...
  17. Shard

    Very Unhealthy Bearded Dragon!!!

    I hope your beautiful beardie gets well soon! :( (I wanted to try out a template I made. I hope you don't mind! I chose your beardie because there were plenty of pictures to take reference from, and it's one of the first I could find on the forum.^^;)
  18. 86564-4482093644.jpg


  19. Shard

    Could Use Some Advice for Getting a Beardie

    Sorry about not replying to any of you yet! I'm really bad at replying. ^^; Thank you for the advice though, all of you. Also, I do not intend on housing my beardie outside. Although natural sunlight is good for any animal, it gets too cold here (and foxes might try to eat the poor thing). I...
  20. Shard

    Could Use Some Advice for Getting a Beardie

    There's a few things I'm wondering about to make sure that if I get a bearded dragon, it will be very happy and healthy. Just a heads up for climate/law/etc. reasons, I live in New York, specifically Long Island. Where should I purchase a beardie? There are a few things I could think of, I...
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