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  1. GizmosGrammie

    Power outages destroys heat bulbs

    I’m hoping someone can help me. Whenever we lose our power my heat bulbs blow, WHY? I have everything plugged into a power strip but it’s an old power strip, could that be the problem? Maybe newer power strips can handle power outages better w/o taking the bulb out with it. I can’t keep...
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  3. GizmosGrammie

    Easier to Handle as They Get Older?

    Well she never squirmed or tried to escape her little burito. Her head was always a little exposed & I'd lay the burrito on my chest & caress the top of her head & up and around her eye/ear area. But otherwise I tried not to bother or over stimulate her too much, otherwise she would wake up &...
  4. GizmosGrammie

    Easier to Handle as They Get Older?

    Here's Gizmo on my chest. Sorry I couldn't get the one pic to rotate.
  5. GizmosGrammie

    Easier to Handle as They Get Older?

    I would suggest you handle your beardie in the evenings when they are ready to sleep. My Gizmo loved being wrapped up like a burrito when she was small. I held her very frequently as a little bitty dragon & she is now the sweetest thing & loves human interaction & being held. When I first got...
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    [XIMG]80462 3563529733[/XIMG It's been quite a while since I've posted or shared pictures of Gizmo. My sweet girl will be 5 in November, and is way more cuddly than any of my cats? [XIMG]
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  12. GizmosGrammie

    Does it harm a BD to never be let out of it's tank?

    We've (you & me personally) never had this discussion before. I've been in this group several years. I've never been fond of your holier than thou bearded dragon advice. No where did I read the cat adoptee wanted the beardie & cat to be playmates. For whatever reason you have assumed the...
  13. GizmosGrammie

    Does it harm a BD to never be let out of it's tank?

    Pretty ****ty advice kingofnobbys. Beardies DO NOT have to be EXCLUSIVE pets!!! My beardie is currently on my chest sleeping, one cat under Xmas tree in the same room sleeping, other cat in her favorite recliner in the basement, two dogs in bed with my son for the night. You probably prevented...
  14. GizmosGrammie

    Does it harm a BD to never be let out of it's tank?

    I have a bearded dragon & two cats. The bearded dragon was in the home first. The cats were initially curios about Gizmo. Gizmo's Viv is in the same room I feed the cats etc. I've had NO PROBLEM what so ever. However, I do exercise caution. Gizmo the beardie does not run loose in the house...
  15. GizmosGrammie

    How does she look

    Hello!! It's been a while since Gizmo has made an appearance. I've had her 2 years this past January & just wondering how the pro's think she looks? I weighed her 3-4 weeks ago, she's about 450 gr. maybe 16-17".
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  17. GizmosGrammie

    Shedding info for Newbies

    So I'm curious to know; do they stop shedding when they are full grown adults or do they continue to shed. The reason I ask is my 2 1/2 yr old beardie has just shedded a ton of her skin. For some reason I thought they quit shedding once they quit growing. Any insight would be appreciated.
  18. GizmosGrammie

    Introducing Arrow

    Hello Arrow & welcome to the group!!
  19. GizmosGrammie

    Bearded dragon sleeping

    Ditto my Gizmo is the same way.
  20. GizmosGrammie

    Cage improvement ideas!!??? HELP

    I use the non stick shelf liner & love it!! Such an easy clean up, pick up poo with toilet paper & I wipe the area down w/Clorox wipes. Tile looks really nice but my beardie just kept slipping on it so I switched to the shelf liner.
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