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    Nancy87's Legacy Uploads

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    Meet my baby Jude

    Thanks for the advice. He will be happy he can still have his locusts!
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    Meet my baby Jude

    Hello everyone. Jude is continuing to do well but I was looking for some advice about him growing up. He is now 17 inches and just over 400 g. We think he is 10 to 11 months old now. He is still fed twice a day with salad and about 30 locusts in the morning and about 15 morio worms in the...
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    Meet my baby Jude

    Yes Deb which is a relief as I have seen all the trouble you've had with your lovely girls x
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    Meet my baby Jude

    Jude tried his first morio worms tonight and loved them
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    Meet my baby Jude

    Just measured and she is 14.5 inches. Does that sound about right for 6 months and her weight?
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    Meet my baby Jude

    Not been on for a while but Jude continues to grow. She weighs 200 grams now at coming up to 6 months. I will try and get a photo to see if you can help me sex her as I really can't tell. She is so greedy that she runs to the glass when I get her locusts out,and the other day she jumped right...
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    Meet my baby Jude

    Jude is doing great. She is shedding again so must be growing and now weighs 123 grams. She scared us a bit this morning as she kept puffing her beard out and opening her mouth but I think it was just part of her shed after reading up on here. She ate plenty of locusts and didn't have a...
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    Broly the new super saiyan beardie

    Sorry your phone is being a pain, Kami but 24 grams! Whoop whoop!
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    Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

    Beautiful pictures. I love the name Cierra and boy is she a good eater.
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    Broly the new super saiyan beardie

    Jude shed just the end of her tail then the rest about a week or so later. I think crickets smell too that's why we feed locusts.
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