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    Female 1 year old after clutch

    This is my first with beardies. Had two iguanas growing up and a spiny tailed..
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    Female 1 year old after clutch

    Thank you! I thought so.. they are separated I don't need any more babies lol... have 41 healthy eggs from first 3 clutches and that was by mistake.. 1 from first clutch only one that made it so far at 60 or so days.. should have a baby here soon.. second clutch have 20 very large healthy babies...
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    Female 1 year old after clutch

    Age is probably 1year 1/2 old
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    Can bearded Dragons be fixed?

    I didn't realize it was such a tuff surgery.. have no intention on not separating them I have two tanks. They are separate now. As when I purchased them I never knew I had a male and a female. Till the first clutch. They are both very healthy and are very friendly I think my female just might be...
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    Got it thanks!
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    Can bearded Dragons be fixed?

    Ok Bearded dragons get along awesome I have a male and a female same age. Almost 1.5 years old giant baby's.. so three clutches after I found out they hit that age and started going at it. He won't leave her alone as soon as I put her in cage his head starts bobbing lol. Can I have him fixed? I...
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    Having a hard time posting pictures? I'm new where is the upload button. ?
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    Female 1 year old after clutch

    I looked back at a picture on march 1 when they were both in the tank together she didn't have the marks on her head. this was before she laid her clutch that are not even 2 weeks yet. She is eating and looks good otherwise. Maybe she just needs time to get back since she has laid 3 months...
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