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    Dark spots on chin and not eating.

    I have a I have a 1+ year old male bearded dragon pictured below. A few weeks ago, I noticed that he had some dark clusters of scales on his chin that were not before which seemingly appeared without explanation. I tried brushing them off with a toothbrush, (which obviously did not work) and I...
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    Bearded Dragon not eating.

    I just want to clarify real quick that I do not feed mealworms as a staple. Just a treat. In this case, I was only offering them because I wanted him to eat -something-. Normally I feed crickets as a staple for protein, and then I give him collard greens and kale for veggies. Sometimes he gets...
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    Bearded Dragon not eating.

    Thank you for the reply. I will admit that I tend to get paranoid when my animals start acting weird, so this could simply be a case of my imagination getting the better of me. Still, it would help my peace of mind if he just ate something.
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    Bearded Dragon not eating.

    Here is a picture of him. I sexed him when he was younger so I am 99% sure he is a male. As far as I can tell, he hasn't been losing much weight and the vet even called him a bit fat.
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    Bearded Dragon not eating.

    I have a 1+ year old male bearded dragon who has not been eating for the last 2 weeks. I have tried everything from changing his lighting to coaxing him with meal worms, but he simply refuses to eat. The good news is that he still seems active and alert, though he also has a problem with glass...
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    Yellow fungus?

    My bearded dragon is about half a year old. Lately, I have been noticing some greenish/yellow discoloration on their beard that has been concerning to me, and I am worried that it could be yellow fungus. It is faint, and it does not show up the best in the photo I took, but I have done my best...
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    Undigested phoenix worms

    I have a male bearded dragon that is 6-7 months old. Lately he has been unable to defecate unless I give him bath, and each time he poops I notice that his stool contains alot of undigested or partially digested food. This has been going on for a bit two weeks now, and I am starting to get...
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    Brief prolapse

    I have a male bearded dragon that is 6-7 months old. I noticed today, that he had not really pooped, so I decided to give him a bath to try and help him along. Almost immediately, he began to strain and pass stool, but he also seemed to slip some of his internal organs through his Cloaca...
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    Dragon seems restless.

    I don't think it was his reflection, as I have tried covering that up before. That said, he seems alot calmer than usual today which makes me think that changing his lighting/basking area may have fixed the problem. Thank you for your replies @KarrieRee and CooperDragon, I will post back here if...
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    Dragon seems restless.

    His UVB is inside of his tank. He glass surfs fairly frequently, and a few times a day he will bob his head at seemingly nothing in particular. I would also like to add that he only seems to glass-surf in one particular spot - on the cool side of his terrarium. Usually he will basks for half an...
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    Dragon seems restless.

    I have made adjustments based on the suggestions made on this thread. I put the reflector into the UVB light fixture, and I went out and bought him a new basking spot so that he wouldn't be so close to the fixture. The new distance between his basking spot and his UVB is 10-11 inches by my...
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    Dragon seems restless.

    I have a reflector I could use on standby, but I am concerned that this would make the UVB too powerful, based on the distance from his basking spot. I was lead to believe that a reflector would basically double the fixture's output, and I definitely don't want to cook the little guy. I am...
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    Glass surfing

    Bearded Dragons are generally creatures of habit, and are known to become stressed when they are placed in an environment that is unfamiliar to them. I am guessing that this is the case with your dragon, and so I would not be overly concerned just yet. Watch them for a week or two to see if this...
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    Dragon seems restless.

    I bought a baby beardie from Petsmart about a month ago. (This is not the best place to buy animals from I know, but this baby seemed to be so active in his habitat. I thought he seemed healthy enough, and didn't want to pass him up.) So far I think he has been mostly healthy, he eats his...
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    Potentially stupid question about UVB...

    Does the light fixture play any role in the output of UVB light, or is the bulb/reflector the only thing that I should be concerned with? Thanks to any who answer, I realize that this might be a dumb question and that I am probably overthinking things. But I want to be thorough.
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    "Lighting" is this right ???

    Does your UVB light fixture have a reflector?
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    Bearded Dragon doesn't have an appetite?

    So far, just alot of glass surfing. But I guess that is to be expected after a change.
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