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    Some questions from a new beardie owner

    Thank you KarrieRee! Sounds like some great advice... I'm going to better check my temps based on what you said when the lights are back on tomorrow. He seems to prefer basking on that tree-like decor. As for the eating, I payed closer attention today after I cleaned the vivarium this...
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    Some questions from a new beardie owner

    Sorry for the semi-repost. I originally put this post: in the "Introductions" topic. Bit of an all-in-one. I just wanted to break off the questions to the experienced in a more suited topic... So this is Fred. I'm about 1.5...
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    Fred - My first! (and a couple questions for the gurus)

    Hi All :) First-timer here, and first-timer with a Beardie. Hoping to get some good advice from others with experience so I can provide my little one with the best care I can give, and hopefully be able to pass on what I can learn to others. So this is Fred. I'm about 1.5 weeks in with him...
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