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    Oh goodness thank you! I will definitely advise my mom to give him some nice warm baths! He definitely needed one considering before that photo he pooped on himself. Everyone on here has been exceedingly helpful and I’m very grateful for every reply! Thanks!
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    Old Beardie Needs Help

    I did want to update that he is walking a lot better. Unfortunately there seems to be a new problem in which it looks like something is coming out of him and it looks bad. I posted to emergency- hopefully I get help soon
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    Hello everyone. To cut to the chase my mom sent me this photo of her beardie and is horribly worried something is wrong. To me it looks like intestine but hopefully not. Photo is a little hard to look at but please give feedback she can try to find a vet immediately if needed!
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    Old Beardie Needs Help

    Hello! I’ve been instructing my mom on some of the things that have been suggested. Unfortunately (replying to a prior msg) we do not know his age. He is very old and has had a very tough life. I know he was thrown away in a park trash can and somehow survived a few months in the “wild”. Based...
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    Old Beardie Needs Help

    Hello, This is my old beardie Zuko and we have no idea how old he is (was abandoned and lived at a rescue for a while). Recently he went to go live with my mom and he’s been fine until this week. Here’s some of the things listed that’s he’s suddenly doing: Eating less Wobbly movements Trouble...
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    Dilemma, need opinions!

    Hello, I have a healthy adult bearded dragon named Iroh. I love this creature to death btw. Anyway his enclosure is big and he has a special hide area he loves, only problem is he will stay there for days- even a week at one point. Just comfy. When he comes out he’s active and eats well. I took...
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    He went poop this morning and it all looked quite healthy. I’m so relieved there’s no blockage or bleeding! I knew adopting a severely disabled bearded dragon wouldn’t be easy but it sure is stressful. He deserves the best care possible with what he has been through. I take pictures of all his...
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    I was able to get the rest out of him without resistance! Thank you everyone for the help. His cricket scars are mainly on his back and stomach area :(. But luckily that was a while ago where he had an abusive owner. He is doing so much better now. Kai thanks all of you! (P.s I do have him on a...
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    He drank tons of water today which was great. I will definitely try some baby food. They have a fairly healthy diet with some occasional mint, collard greens, mustard greens, parsley, squash, zucchini and much more. I have 3 dragons now and I try to vary their diet whenever I can. The baby food...
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    No problem. He has a 10.0 reptisun 14” UVB. I adopted him all weak and disabled, he came from a rescue because they got him from a home that only had him in a 10 gallon, no uvb, no heat as he was eaten alive by crickets. Poor thing. I’ve only had him in my care for 3 days now and it’s his first...
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    Something keeps coming out of him, I think it’s grass he ate. But it won’t stop. He is very weak and disabled I don’t know what to do. I just adopted him 2 days ago. He is very small so I gently pulled (as he pushed) on the thing falling out of him and it kept going and going. There’s still some...
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    Please help me figure out his age

    No they absolutely cannot see eachother, I made sure of that. He just bobs randomly at me. I don’t have any female Beardies. He can see his own reflections in the glass but he doesn’t Bob at it, only when he’s out of his enclosure. It’s a temporary enclosure I want it add, a 40 gallon glass...
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    Please help me figure out his age

    Additional photos
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