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    Sharpy's Legacy Uploads

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    healthy weight gain

    Hi My dragon is also small he's 11 months old & only just reaching 15inches 215g. They grow st different rates & not all end up really big! I keep bugs & salad available 24/7 ( dubia roaches in a dish) l Because of my work schedule! I plan on keeping him on daily bugs til he's about 18 months...
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    healthy weight gain

    Hi I apologize if I have misunderstood your post! At 6 months old your beardie should still be having two/three Insect feeds a day not alternate days!
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    Saphira's Public service announcement

    Hi Very good advice! Glad your hooman is feeling better Kay ;D
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    Arcadia 14% UVB bulb?

    Hi Tori Sorry for late reply. I will be replacing it when its a year old as per Arcadia guidelines. Apparently they can last up to 18 months before they deteriorate but as a solar meter ( I think that's what its called) to test it are really expensive I'm going with better safe than sorry. Kay
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    "If you touch me one more time..." Saphira

    Please keep your stories coming! I look forward to your posts. Kay
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    Question about Bulbs

    Hi A lot of the issues with this bulb have been sorted out now. In England this bulb is stocked by most pet shops & is widely used. My friend has used this bulb for last couple of years & has had no problems. ( it is regularly changed) I don't personally use this as I like the Arcadia 14% bulb...
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    Question on amount of feeding

    Hi Maybe you could get him some calci worms that you can leave in a dish while you are at work so he's getting more protein. Hope this helps Kay
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    Hi Karen Glad he's awake & well. Randall's been asleep for 10 days now having to resist poking him to check he's OK. I'm going to wake him up for a drink & weigh tomorrow. Kay x
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    Arcadia 14% UVB bulb?

    Hi I use the Arcadia 14% t5 in a 4x2x2 vivarium & I would definitely recommend it. Arcadia guidelines are that you have a minimum distance of 15" from the bulb if used with a reflector. ( this information comes from the Arcadia website). So if you are putting it on top of the screen you...
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    Then and Now

    Hi He's very handsome Kay
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    Randall's photos

    Randall at 10 months 210g & 15 inches Still a picky eater eats the occasional bit of salad & dubia roaches.
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    Unknown on this vivarium? Lighting places etc

    A t5 would be good in this size viv Kay
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    Do I need to do DIY?

    Hi I think they have holes for 3 cables each end Kay
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    Do I need to do DIY?

    Hi These vivariums have cable holes in the back. They are nice Viv's. Hope this helps. Kay PS their bugs are good I order from them! :D
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    Arguing with my Dragon.

    That is hilarious!!! I can't wait to read more of saphiras exploits!! :D
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    Lighting reflectors.

    He means you can use a normal household tube light for the extra lighting instead of the 2.0 % UV light. But seeing as you've got the 2.0 I'd use that til it blows & then maybe compare prices & go with a normal one. X Kay
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