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    jayce82's Legacy Uploads

  2. J

    Juvenile beardie is suddenly keeping mouth open

    if you have him him outside in that rubber bin, you are basically baking him alive. his mouth is open to regulate his body heat, it's called gaping. take him out the bin before you kill him
  3. J

    Red in Poop??? (Warning: Pictures)

    pretty sure that's just some undigested red pepper. I wouldn't worry. and the only thing I'd do different with your setup is get that uvb more over the basking spot.
  4. J

    Rex's home set up

    it's still not setup right. you need to put your uvb and basking bulb on same side of tank next to each other. the heat helps your beardie absorb the uvb rays.
  5. J

    Weird looking poop.

    well you are doing no good by feeding lettuce. like said there is no nutritional value in lettuce.
  6. J

    So I want to put Izzy up for sale..

    well sweetheart when you write that she's fat a d you're sick of it, also that frankly you don't like her, that pissed me off and insinuated that you are being lazy. do t get mad cause of what I wrote to your childish post
  7. J

    LeatherBack Beardie Sizes?????and age????

    my leather back is 21" long, 460 grams at 14 months old
  8. J

    Corner terarium

    also you need to get rid of that yellow bulb and get a bright white light
  9. J

    Corner terarium

    it's because your basking area is almost to the cold side. you have to put your basking area all the way to one side if you plan to cool the other side off. also do you have any vents in that tank?
  10. J

    Help with aquarium sizing!!!

    if you are wanting a glass tank jump up to a 75 gallon and it's absolutely huge.
  11. J

    So I want to put Izzy up for sale..

    so sorry your experience was so horrible, maybe you should think things through before doing this. it's not fair to the animal to be just tossed out cause you can't do your job
  12. J

    Broken Light

    any heat is better then no heat. use what you have available but hurry on the new one
  13. J

    Dubia roach starter help

    I only have lick with them breeding if I keep their tank between 85 and 90*, the ones in my non heated tank don't breed at all
  14. J


    if they are dying off easily like you say, more then likely you got a batch of old dubias and they are dying from old age. I had to order a few times to get my colony going and now it's thriving. everything in your tub looks perfect.
  15. J

    Temp change?

    not all the time but yes sometimes they like to get out of the uvb beam. that's why you needs hides etc in your tank
  16. J

    Temp change?

    the only way is to add another light that doesn't produce much heat. also, your uvb looks like it's more to the cool side of tank. you need to have it right next to basking bulb and less on cool side so he can get out of the lighting he needs too.
  17. J

    Juvenile bearded and bsfl

    you aren't supposed to dust every feeding, only one feeding per day. also with bsfl you really don't need to dust calcium only their vitamins cause bsfl are very high in calcium, that's what makes them such a great staple
  18. J

    Temp change?

    if you go get a dimmer switch for your basking bulb you won't have to guess wattage anymore. get a 100 watt bulb and dim it down till you get your correct temps.
  19. J

    Tip: Look for used furniture before building an enclosure

    that's what I did with an old tv stand. I have $20 in my enclosure
  20. J

    Which Basking bulb?

    with your enclosure being 5ft long you definitely could use a 24" t5 fixture with a 22" bulb. also just get you a lamp dimmer from home depot and put a 100watt bulb in and dim it to the temp you need. I just built a 47x19x19 and a 75 watt is perfect. keeps tank at 94 on hot side, 80 on cool, and...
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