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    Ed707's Legacy Uploads

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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb I actually just bought this one because my megaray metal hallide ballast just blew on me lol
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    Most ballasts have a diagram like this or like the one I have has a L next to the hole for Line or power (black wire) a N next to the hole for neutral (white wire) mine has a arrow for ground which might be confusing but you can easily figure it out by process of elimination. There's several...
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    This ballast has a wiring diagram so don't be intimidated by all the different color wires. If you look it say red and blue go to lamp. Those are interchangeable and only reason there different colors is so you don't get them mixed up with the other wires. Black would still go to black white...
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb So I found this one for about $50 on google. I think I explained some things before about halide ballasts. The bulbs have what's called a ANSI code. The...
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    I'll try to look some up now and post a few if I can find some
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    I can post a few metal hallide ballasts that would work for any of these bulbs if it would help, that's the main thing is getting the right ballast.
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    I've heard the IWASAKI has been discontinued so you won't find them to much longer, just places selling leftover stock. The Phillip's was a recommended replacement for that
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    The beam angle on the megaray mh is really intense in the middle of the bulb and lessens as it goes out. It doesn't create a wide basking area like a flourescent strip does. For a nice wide, even patch of uv the flourescent strips are still a better choice. I cant use my flourescent strip with...
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    Hey cooper, I'm a member of fran's lighting group on Facebook and poke my head in there every once in awhile to ask questions about bulbs and lighting. She's tested the megaray metal hallides, luck reptile metal hallides and zoo meds new metal hallides. She's said all of them are safe to use...
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    Phillips cdm-r metal hallide basking bulb

    Hi guys! First time I've posted in here for awhile but thought I'd update a few things since my last post. As always still tweeking heat and lighting trying to find the right balance between best and cost effective for replacement bulbs. I recently installed megarays metal hallide bulb in my...
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    Best timers?

    I recently switched over to digital timers and glad I did...
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    Basking Bulb

    Hi! From what I've found about halogen floods is that the lumens will vary depending on the wattage. A 90 watt halogen flood will have the 1790 or so lumens (varies slightly) that cooper suggested. If that bulb is to much heat 75 watt flood still have around 1500 lumens (again varies slightly)...
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    Rip the back legs off the crickets lol... or shake them with dust kinda hard to get em nice and dizzy and slow before you feed them, or switch to different feeders if possible like roaches
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    New enclosure ok?

    I'd get rid of that coil as soon as you possibly can and hang a reptisun t5 10.0 ho strip or arcadia 12% t5 bulb, both need a reflector. Mounted 12 inches away from his basking area and the basking area set up in the middle of the strip with the basking bulb over the basking area so both...
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    Did I just kill 1700+ Phoenixworms!?!?!

    That fridge won't work if you can't get the temp around 50° preferably around 55°. I bought a wine cooler because of that specific reason, I couldn't find a mini fridge that had a temp Guage or tell me what the highest temp it would go to. They all just list the lowest temp. 40° would kill them...
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    Bearded Dragons at PetsMart/Petco

    Like ABHD said there's no rules, laws or regulations here in the U.S. for exotic reptiles. Companies can house them any way they want without fines or penalties, or fear of any reprocussions. Same for reptile products, companies can put bearded dragon pictures on any product they want even if...
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    Are bearded dragon less hardy than other reptiles?

    This is some really sad reading as bearded dragons are great lizards and do have great temperaments if you have kids or younger siblings. I agree iguanas can be very aggressive especially during the breeding season, I've heard monitors can be as well but know less about the species. It's obvious...
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    Interesting read about hydration and water for bd's

    I agree with king, admins should sticky this so it doesn't get lost in the archives. Maybe in the health section I was going to post it there but figured that's more for parasites and other extreme health issues. Good idea to let everyone know about bathing as I'm sure alot of people over bathe...
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    Interesting read about hydration and water for bd's

    Someone shared this on a Facebook group I'm a part of and alot of it makes alot of sense. Was a interesting read for me and helped me realize a few things. For one, that the fact they hold there poop for so long s natural and there way to get as much hydration and nutrients out of there food as...
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