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    Fertile egg question

    Thank you! Looks like I may have triplets in a few months :)
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    Fertile egg question

    Hi everyone! My beardie laid fertile clutches last year (April) and she and my male have not seen each other since. She just laid a clutch and 3 of the 26 look like they may be fertile. I can see a spot and they are white and firm while the others are yellow and deflating. My question is-is it...
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    Post laying care

    She is doing great! I gave her quite a few hornworms each day for about 3 days after she laid and I think that helped her a lot with hydration. She is back to herself, although her peel is making her miserable. She looks like she forgot some suntan lotion :) The babies from the second clutch...
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    New Babies!!

    Second clutch hatched! There is still one egg which dimpled, but hasn't hatched yet. I love the colors :)
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    Post laying care

    Hi everyone! My girl just laid her third clutch in 3 months. She is doing well, but I want to be sure her hydration and calcium is replenished. I have been giving her repashy on her food but she loves hornworms which I know are full of water and calcium. My question is- how many can I give her...
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    New babies!

    This is my favorite picture. She's so big and thriving now at 6 weeks :love5:
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    Beardie suddenly won't eat live food

    He has an arcadia t5 10% uvb on top of the screen with the basking lite overlapping. We have a temp gun and the reading is usually 95-100 basking and 85 on the cool side. I'll try some of the food yu suggest.
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    Beardie suddenly won't eat live food

    Hi everyone. My sister has a beardie we rescued about 2 years ago. He was really neglected and half the size of our others. He has done well and thrived over the time she has had him, but he is suddenly refusing to eat any kind of bug. We have tried supers, wax, horn, dubia, crickets...
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    Medication Question

    We spritz the babies and give them water with an eye dropper each night. They drink a lot that way and love their dubia roaches. She laid 21 the first time and 19 looked great- even saw veins. They all slowly deflated, except 4 and I don't know why. We checked the temp and humidity and I was...
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    Medication Question

    Hi everyone! My beardie is about ready to lay her third clutch of eggs. She was also just diagnosed with pinworms. Is Panacur okay to give while she is gravid? I asked the receptionist and she is going to get back to me, but I figured you guys would know more :) Her first clutch had 4 babies...
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